In the Eyes of Working for Disney: An Interview with Courtney Madincea

Disneyland Photocred: dreamerseekingself

Disneyland: California Adventure
Photocred: dreamerseekingself

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth. From the moment you walk into the park and look straight ahead to sleeping beauty’s castle, one cannot help but feel a smile appear on ones face. Every time you walk through those gates there is always this up lifting atmosphere. Part of this is due to the very upbeat and happy employees, which are known as cast members. They are always so genuine and nice. Always open to answering questions, and so open you want to just walk up and talk to them. Even when an outrageous parent is yelling at them they still remain so upbeat and happy. One day as I was strolling through the park, I couldn’t help but ask myself, is working for Disneyland the best job ever? Does it ruin Disneyland for you? I believe it takes a certain kind of person to work for such a company. Continue reading