This blog… I swear: commitments

I am horrible with commitments sometimes.


..And when I say commitments I don’t mean being a flakey person in relationships, I mean sticking through an activity or hobby. Continue reading


Bad Day

I have been on cloud 9 for about two weeks now, so it was bound to happen that a bad day would occur. I mean, hey, it’s life. Today has been just one of those days where I just want to snuggle with a blanket and sleep until tomorrow but life continues and I couldn’t do that because I had class and work to attend. Continue reading

Independence from others emotionally

Being independent is something everyone should strive to be, whether that be independent from one’s parents or be independent from one’s partners. Going to college brings that certain independence from one’s parents or guardians, you are forced to live on your own and be on your own but I feel independence goes farther than literally being physically independent. Being emotionally independent is Continue reading

Lady Gaga “Monster Pit”

I decided to write this piece about a special moment in my life. My 18th birthday. It was a very unique experience and one I will never forget.

It’s January 14th about six p.m., and outside of the Rose Garden arena one sees roughly about seven people waiting outside in a line on the side walk. Every single Continue reading