4 Things I Would Want to Incorporate in my Dream Wedding

I think as a girl, it is such a common thing to dream about your wedding, and as people around me slowly start getting married, I can’t help but think about my ideal wedding and what trends I want to … Continue reading

I Was Here by Beyoncé

Everything I hear this song, I can’t help but think of what I want to do with my life. It literally speaks to me, and my life. It is a dream  in my life to ‘leave my mark’, as she states in this song. Each time I find out more about myself I hope to share it Continue reading

From Getting Admitted to Becoming a Freshman on Campus

It was senior year and all that ran through my mind is where was I going next. Where was I going to end up? The answers to these questions were vital to my future. A decision that could potentially determine where I end up and what I do with my life.  A big burden and a mound of pressure adds up to this one decision. As I sat and wrote my application essays, all I could think of was what was the best way to prove myself to show that I was the perfect candidate to attend my dream school. Writing about myself has always been a topic of enjoyment. Continue reading