4 Things I Would Want to Incorporate in my Dream Wedding

I think as a girl, it is such a common thing to dream about your wedding, and as people around me slowly start getting married, I can’t help but think about my ideal wedding and what trends I want to … Continue reading

Home Try-On Test with Warby Parker

Living in a state where the sun is pretty much present 24/7 it has become second nature to wear sunglasses almost every day. It has become a stable to my every day outfit, and has become a fashion statement. Everyone … Continue reading

Fitness Strikes Again: Go out there and try something new for YOU

What has Becca been up to the past few months? Well my life has actually become pretty normal. I live by a daily routine that has set me in some ways, but in all honestly has changed my life (which … Continue reading

Bad Day

I have been on cloud 9 for about two weeks now, so it was bound to happen that a bad day would occur. I mean, hey, it’s life. Today has been just one of those days where I just want to snuggle with a blanket and sleep until tomorrow but life continues and I couldn’t do that because I had class and work to attend. Continue reading