Sliding back into old habits: addiction

About two months ago I posted a blog post called “Independence from others emotionally”, and in short form I explained that I realized one needed to become happy with themselves, and realize they can’t relay on others to find happiness … Continue reading

I am a Media Junky

I realized I watch to much screen, from TV, phone, or laptop screen.

It started Sunday. It was the day I was sick, and particularly interested in how many hours of media I use in a day. I know this day was a little biased considering the circumstance but in the end I had an interesting realization. Overall my day consisted of about eights hours of TV (I know excessive), I will roughly estimate Continue reading

In the World of No TV: experiment


The Temptations of the Screen

For seven days, I am going to give up Television. TV has always been more than an entertainment factor for me. I have found myself slowly over the years using television as an excuse not to leave my house or my room. I found myself wanting to watch it rather than mak Continue reading