This blog… I swear: commitments

I am horrible with commitments sometimes.


..And when I say commitments I don’t mean being a flakey person in relationships, I mean sticking through an activity or hobby. Continue reading


Why Finals?

I apologize that it has been more than a week since I have posted. It just has been a whirlwind, from having finals to packing up and coming back home to Oregon.

I am going to talk about the stress of finals. Finals are just one of those things that everyone freaks out about, sleeps little to no hours, and scrambles to cram every single piece of information they have learned in the past semester. Continue reading

Bad Day

I have been on cloud 9 for about two weeks now, so it was bound to happen that a bad day would occur. I mean, hey, it’s life. Today has been just one of those days where I just want to snuggle with a blanket and sleep until tomorrow but life continues and I couldn’t do that because I had class and work to attend. Continue reading

As the Term is Ending, I Have Found Little Pieces to Add to My Self

So here I am about to finish another English class, and as I write this I am thinking to myself how I have over the course of three months developed to become a stronger writer and a stronger me. I have become more comfortable with who I am Continue reading

From Getting Admitted to Becoming a Freshman on Campus

It was senior year and all that ran through my mind is where was I going next. Where was I going to end up? The answers to these questions were vital to my future. A decision that could potentially determine where I end up and what I do with my life.  A big burden and a mound of pressure adds up to this one decision. As I sat and wrote my application essays, all I could think of was what was the best way to prove myself to show that I was the perfect candidate to attend my dream school. Writing about myself has always been a topic of enjoyment. Continue reading