4 Reasons to See Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour

I am going to take a detour from my plan of post and talk about a concert show I recently saw that blew my mind. This time it has to do with someone most people hate to admit they enjoy … Continue reading

Trainwreck: A MUST See


Last night, I was almost brought to tears from laughter. Trainwreck is a must see movie this summer! It’s humor and storyline is a perfect summer comedy that is enjoyable for everybody (the theater was literally full with young and old, men and women.. mix of everything and not one person was not laughing). Continue reading

Defying My So Called ‘Millennial Generation’

Millennial Generation? What does that really mean. How can one truly be classified under one huge stereotype made for people born between certain years. I can guarantee you that I don’t fall one hundred percent under my generation’s stereotype. Although, I am more technology savvy than most, I am more liberal Continue reading

In the World of No TV: experiment

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The Temptations of the Screen
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For seven days, I am going to give up Television. TV has always been more than an entertainment factor for me. I have found myself slowly over the years using television as an excuse not to leave my house or my room. I found myself wanting to watch it rather than mak Continue reading

I Was Here by Beyoncé

Everything I hear this song, I can’t help but think of what I want to do with my life. It literally speaks to me, and my life. It is a dream  in my life to ‘leave my mark’, as she states in this song. Each time I find out more about myself I hope to share it Continue reading