About Me


About Me

Hello! My name is Becca and I am a recent college graduate trying to make it by in the new world of adulthood. This blog is a bridge between my college self and my entry into adulthood. A new experience where getting lost in the crowd is an easy thing to do. I am outgoing by nature and am trying to expand my horizons; to break free and experience all this world has to offer.

I graduated Chapman University in May 2017 and studied Strategic and Corporate Communication with a minor in Germanic Studies. I am currently embarking on the post-grad life, working as a marketing coordinator for a rad company. I am a Beyoncé and In-N-Out enthusiast with a knack for finding good food. Though I live in California, I am a Oregon native who yearns for the mountains and has a passion for skiing. I am a dreamer and experience Fernweh quiet often. I love the idea of traveling for the rest of my life and learning new things not only about the world but also about myself. Thus, I am a dreamer seeking self.

About the Blog

Dreamerseekingself started as a required blog in my freshmen year English class and since has blossomed into a blog filled with my life stories and passions. I am a dreamer at heart who aspires to find truths about things she didn’t know before. I am discovering and finding my identity one piece at a time, through life experiences and traveling (whether that be local or abroad). I blog about my life, things I have learned, things I find intriguing, and everything in between.

Dreamerseekingself is split up into three categories: Fernweh (Travel & Adventure), lifestyle and daily dose of randomness.

Fernweh is a German word that descries the longing to travel and explore the world. It is easily translated to distance sickness. This section of my blog is about my travel and adventures locally and abroad that feed the Fernweh in me. I have grown up living in two different cultures my entire life. My father lives in Germany and my mother resides in America. My parents divorced at a young age, and I had the privilege to split my time between both of them. They created an agreement that I would spend September to June in America, and July to August in Germany. Through this, I have developed a love for learning different cultures and experiencing everything it has to offer.

Lifestyle is about the realizations of life that comes with going through every life chapter in ones book. Life is a learning experience within itself and I have come to find that it isn’t easy growing up. Lifestyle is about my experiences finding pieces to my self.

Dailey dose of randomness is dedicated to the daily things I do or see that I feel the need to share, whether that be my outfit of the day, food I eat (since I am a big foodie), or inspirational quotes I find on interest. It’s anything that sparks my interest that I feel needs to be shared with the world, or even to just serves as reminder for me.

With that, I am dreamerseekingself.

Thanks for visiting!

As always much love,



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