5 Tips to Help Get a Good Nights Sleep:

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Something I feel that is totally underrated is the value and importance of a good nights sleep and a nightly routine. I feel how you prep yourself before you go to bed has a big effect on how you sleep at night and how you feel the next morning, especially if you are someone like me who loves routines. I have always praised my nightly routine, and though it is pretty simple it’s something  I do every night before I go to bed.

Here are my 5 tips to help get a good nights sleep:

1) Clean Face

I always clean my face. If I don’t I feel dirty and can’t fall asleep. I honestly use just one face wash I get in Germany from Garnier, but they sell a similar formula online here too! It works so amazingly well and honestly, works wonders. Of course, even before I clean my face, I take my makeup off with makeup remover oil since I tend to use heavy duty eyeliner/mascara that doesn’t come off without oil. Cleaning your face is the best thing you can do for your skin, especially if you wear make up. It feels like your face is free and able to breath, and that is just what your skin needs after a long day!

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My face wash, makeup remover and night cream!

2) Moisturize

This is oddly one of my favorite things to do. I love lotion, and after feeling clean from washing my face, one of my favorite things to do is put moisture on and feel how soft my skin is directly afterwards. I usually for my face use a night cream, such as the one pictured from Nivea. I tend to use different lotions for my face and body. Usually for my body I just use dove! Super easy and simple but gets the job done!

3) Drink a glass of water

Please don’t ask me where this routine started because honestly I couldn’t tell you, but I know for a fact that I love my glass of water right before I go to bed. I think it is because it helps calm me in a way and makes me feel less dehydrated in the morning when I wake up.

4) Shut off

About 30 minutes before I know I am going to fall asleep, I tend to plug my phone in and then put it on airplane mode away from me. This is something new I started but I actually am loving. I always found myself going on my phone before I went to bed, and always found that the time dwindles away. Before I knew it, it was past midnight and I needed to go to bed. This actually has worked well for me the past few weeks, and has helped me dial into actually trying to get a good nights rest!

5) Invest in some good sheets and a good mattress

Honestly, having a good routine and getting a good night’s rest all boils down to having a comfy bed, and investing in it. Your bed will seem more like a sanction and a place you value if you do. Additionally, your body will thank you later on. You can formulate a routine that will help promote and foster a good nights sleep, but not having the right mattress will just kill you. I suggest looking into mattress such as Leesa. They are great, and have comfy mattresses that will help get that beauty sleep!

Overall, these are only the tips I have learned that have helped me throughout the years. They are things that help me feel like I have a routine, and if I don’t do them I feel out of place and I don’t feel like myself. It really is a psychological thing but it honestly, like I said, keeps me sane.

So if you don’t have a routine set up, I suggest try one! Try something new and add a habit! I promise you it will make you feel better and help with getting a good night’s rest!

Much love,


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