Home Try-On Test with Warby Parker

Living in a state where the sun is pretty much present 24/7 it has become second nature to wear sunglasses almost every day. It has become a stable to my every day outfit, and has become a fashion statement.

Everyone knows I rock glasses every day and don’t wear contacts, which means my sunglasses have to be prescription too. I can’t just buy some sunglasses at H&M, I have to spend a little extra on sunglasses that I can easily order with my own prescription in them. To be honest this has caused some real issues lately and it has been hard to find stylish one’s for a reasonable price.

Though luckily for me I recently stumbled upon one of the coolest ideas and concepts ever and it is all thanks to this amazing company, Warby Parker. At Warby Parker they have this Home Try-On program where you pick five frames to sample for five days and they ship them for free (both ways)! You can either try glasses or sunglasses, and you are able to pick from an array of different frames. Online they even have a “quiz” where you can find out what glasses would fit better with you! This gives you the opportunity to experience their products firsthand, with no charge and allows you the opportunity to try on different style and types of glasses.

I tried the Home Try-On first hand and loved it. The order came in a matter of days directly to my door step in a super simple and neat box. All five frames were nicely placed inside the box, and they even gave you an instruction sheet on how to best find the pair that suits you. I decided to try the sunglasses, and I was beyond excited to test them out.

Obviously,  I had to test each of them and give them my best selfie (which can be pictured below!). I sent them to all my friends for their opinions and was able to sit on my decision of choice for a few days.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am still undecided which ones I want, but luckily I have an email from Warby with a simple and easy list of which pairs I got and how much they would cost with my prescription.  I am thinking I will treat myself to a little graduation present later on this summer 😉

Overall, I love the concept of Home Try-On, especially in the new digital age where online shopping has become the norm. Being able to order glasses and try them before hand is something that caters to our generation, and makes shopping so much easier. Glasses (and sunglasses!() have become a fashion statement, and with so many different options Warby Parker helps make the decision process a little easier and has created an amazing concept to help cater to that.

Also if you do end up posting your photos on either Instagram or Twitter, they even have a hashtag #WarbyHomeTryOn and their team can easily find your photos and comment on the styles they think suit you the best as well if you are unsure of which frames to pick!

Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Warby Parker and I would recommend anyone who is looking for new frames to try them out!

Much Love,


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