The Last Month: My Advice for Savoring the Moment


As the last month before graduation approaches, I can’t help but think of all the things I want to fill my time with and so many things I want to relish in and never let go. I mean it is the last four weeks before the big day, and the last four weeks I will ever be a college student.

Now that is terrifying.

Who knows where I will end up? Who will I work for? What will I be doing? Who knows where my friends will end up? When will I see them again?

So many open ends and unanswered questions. But as the time ticks away, the biggest thing I have come to the realization that being in the moment is the only way you can savor the time. Worrying about your future and what will happen, will not help your cause and will cause you to be in a different realm of thought rather than being in the moment.

The thing is college is such an incredible experience, and having it end is such a bitter-sweet experience. You want to live in it for as long as you can and you don’t want to let it go, but like they say every good thing comes to an end, and that is why knowing that the end is soon you have to make the effort to be in the moment at all times.

Another thing besides being present, one has to live by is the Yes rule. One should always say yes, and think that this may be the last time you are surrounded by the people you are now, and though you may see them again soon, it will never be in the current setting. So just always keep an open mind, and think about saying yes when you normally wouldn’t.

It is a short post, but just short inspiration to never forget to be present and to say yes as much as you can.

Much love,


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