Dear Freshman Becca – top 5 tips to my freshman self


Dear Freshman Becca,

You are about to enter the most life changing four years of your life that you have yet experienced. It is going to be filled with a lot of highs, and extreme lows. You are going to figure out so much about yourself, but you are also going to feel so lost at some points.

I know this all sounds so cliché, and are things you have heard a million times before, but really truly take it to heart. There is truth behind the things they are saying… Shoot I am sitting here four years later saying the same thing to you…

But let me wrap up my top 5 tips for you:

1) Always say yes

Since the first day  I walked on campus, I knew that I wanted to a join a sorority. I had a vision of exactly what I thought I wanted. I went through rush, and  I didn’t get my first choice. I was hesitating saying yes to my second because I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but I knew if I said no I would not be in a sorority, which is what I always wanted. So I took the leap, and said yes, and honestly I would not change it for the world. I found friends that will be in my life forever. I found a group I knew I could call home.I found my people in the most unexpected place, and if  I would have said no I would have lost out on meeting the coolest, most memorable, most inspirational people in my entire college career.

Therefor always say yes, even if you are scared. Who knows what is hiding behind that door?

2) Be a kid

I think the best memories I have at college are when I just let go of the idea of trying to be an adult. I bought a Disney Annual Pass freshman year, and I never felt happier always entering the magical gates of Disneyland. I wouldn’t have changed those memories for the world, from going to Disney just to grab dinner to running away to Disney from finals week to de-stress. It was a lot of money but honestly, an investment in happiness.. And I knew I only would be living that close to Disneyland probably only once in my life.

So, let yourself be a kid, because why grow up when you don’t necessarily have to?

3) Don’t be so reckless

Alright, I am going to be frank here. The partying four times a week is not necessary, and your body really does need a rest, plus the money isn’t  going to flow like that all four years. So while I am not saying to not have fun during college, I am saying be smart about it and think about how you spend your money. There are going to be so many more things that are worth spending your extra buck on, like going to Coachella or doing a weekend dinner date with your best girl friends. College is the last time you will be on your moms support. It will be the last time you don’t have to pay for rent or buy your food, so be smart.

And if I can convince you of anything it is to just start saving. For example, start saving to pay off your loans early (or start paying them off.. even better!), because that number builds up and soon you will be sitting in my position not knowing how you will pay off the loan. Find resources that work for you, do your research. Look into companies like Earnest that can help you refinance your student loans and build up a smart way for you to pay them off sooner. Have a plan and just be proactive.

Overall though, have fun but be smart and remember that you still have a lot of money to pay after your graduate.

4) Follow your heart and your dreams

My heart was speaking so much to me in moments where I didn’t realize it was, and I only first started realizing I should listen to it.. and I want you to start sooner. I truly believe it will help lead you to your density. You will make mistakes and you will fail, but it will all be worth it in the end. It is exactly how I feel about this internship I took. I knew in my heart it was my next step and that I had to do it, even though it was the most difficult months of my life.

Just remember, these four years are for you. They are for you to find out what you want and what your heart desires. Everyone is going to want to give you advice on what you should do, but honestly, if it does not feel right, then don’t do it.

5) Everything happens for a reason

But most importantly, I want you to go into college knowing that everything happens for a reason. Even the horror moments. Just never forget that everything will end up being okay. No matter how low you feel, no matter how much like poop you feel, you will be able to pick yourself up. Life has a plan for you and has so much in stores for you that you can’t even imagine, and you will be okay.

I mean..

You will travel the world. You will meet your favorite rapper. You will fall in love in Europe. You will start this blog. You will intern for your dream company…

And those are just a few things that await you in the next four years.

So please, live in the present and never take these next four years for granted.

Much love,

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