My Chill with a Hint of Electric Playlist



Music is beautiful, and I think I can speak for majority of people when I say, that music is a type of escape. It has always been something in my life that makes me feel whole. I have always looked at music as a way to help decipher and understand my feelings. It is something that helps me focus, and something I absolutely love to dive into, and I am always on the hunt to find new music.

With that, I have never strayed toward a certain type of music. My music taste ranges as far as one can see, though I go through moods of what I like to listen to at certain moments. One day it can be R&B, and the next it can be House EDM, and the next can be Pop.

Currently, I would describe my taste falling under the Chill Hits Category, but with a hint of EDM. I feel it fits the season of cold weather and relaxation of a cozy house…. well kind of… for me it does.

Here is my current playlist. It’s chill but has a hit of beats that kind of makes you just want to move.

Let me know what you think!

  1. i hate u, i love you (feat. olivia o’brien) (Oscars Remix) – Gnash
  2. Circles – MDWS
  3. The Little Things (Kasbo Remix) – Big Gigantic
  4. Stay – Breathe Carolina
  5. No Scrubs (feat. Jon Santana) – Cappa
  6. Call On Me (Ryan Riback Remix) – Starley
  7. Lights Down Low (Not Yor Dope Remix) -MAX
  8. Angel Zoo – Phlake
  9. Meet Me (feat. Noe) – Mickey Valen, Noe
  10. Kings of Summer (feat. Quinn XCII) – ayokay, Quinn XCII

Much love,


P.S. Any songs you think I would like? Let me know! I love any and all suggestions!

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