Fitness Strikes Again: Go out there and try something new for YOU


What has Becca been up to the past few months?

Well my life has actually become pretty normal. I live by a daily routine that has set me in some ways, but in all honestly has changed my life (which sounds so cliché)…

But really though… it has made me so much more confident and more productive, and it’s something I truly believe everyone should at least make a little time for in their daily life.

About two months ago I joined a fitness studio that has changed my life for the better. It’s a cycling studio that not only offers cycling classes but also classes in their Refine Room (which includes Barre and Yoga). It’s a cute boutique studio, and is one of a kind in Berlin. It has grown to become a place of sanity for me and a place away from my busy life. This wonderful place is called Becycle.

But it’s not just the studio itself that has changed me, it’s the physical activity that I do there that has. Cycling, yoga and/or barre isn’t for everyone, but finding what is and sticking to it to make yourself feel better is the message I’m trying to get across.

Being active as always been important in my life, but I have gone through phases with it and I never really found something that stuck till now. It takes time and a lot of self disciplined but if you convince your self it’s for you, and it’s to improve your health then it can and will become a habit. Our body is the one thing we have certain control over, and it is our temple. We only get one in this life time, and why not control it while we can.

Through exercise, I have become disciplined and self aware, and have never walked more confidently in my life before. I am inspired and want to inspire others, whether that is setting new goals with everyone or pushing people to believe in themselves.

I haven’t been able to do this journey by myself, which sets me why I want to inspire others like others have inspired me. My support system, and the wonderful instructors at Becycle have helped me push past barriers and help me come to the point I am at today. I have accomplished goals I never thought I would do, physically and emotionally.

Yes through it all, my body has changed drastically and I am fitter than I have ever been in my life before. The body benefits are a plus, and I’m not undermining that, but it’s the emotional aspect that I honestly value the most. My anxiety is no hidden secret, and it has helped calm it, which has increased a ton recently in the past months with the overbearing situation I have recently been in.

It was always told to me that physical activity helps the mind, and I have always past it off. It took at least a solid week of me truly committing to being active till I truly start to notice and understand what people have always being said. Working out has become my mental getaway, it is my time for me and my time to let out everything that has put me over the edge the past 24 hours. It is a way to channel back my inner being, and remember why I am on this earth, and remember that everything will work out as long as I stay focused and believing. It helps me calm down after a storm. It helps me recollect my thoughts.

So my advice this time around is…  Go out there and try something new for YOU.

Be inspired and let yourself be inspired by others. Whether that be from other blog post, YouTube videos, other social media, or whether that be from your support system, or anyone or thing you find inspiration from.

And never forget, there is always enough time if you make the time. You only need 15 min a day to complete a workout for example in the Nike NTC APP (which I use when I am not at home in Berlin).

You just have to start, and then soon you will notice the benefits yourself.

As always, I am also always here to help motivate in anyway.

And remember.. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. All you have to do is just believe. 

Much love,

P.S. What do you think about physical activity? Do you think it is important for the mind as much as I do? Tell me what you think! I am also always open for trying new things and up for suggestions, and for always hearing YOUR thoughts.



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