My Checklist Before I Turn 30


As I enter into the real world essentially for the first time in my life, I am experiencing more than ever right now the questions as to how I see myself in a few years. It is an incredibly loaded question, and I do have a few things in my mind but it sometimes is crazy to think that I am just about to start my life in the real world.

When  I was a little girl, I dreamed about working a real job and being out of school and as the time is approaching where I am almost a college graduate, I have started to think about a checklist for my self that I would like to achieve by the time I turn 30.

Here are my top 5 thinks I hope to be able to check off!

1) Pay off all my student loans.

Going to such an amazing private school wasn’t/isn’t cheap, and to be able to do so I had to take a good chunk of money out to help support myself. I don’t regret it at all and it was the best decision I have ever made, but it is a slight burden too. This is one of the first things on my list I want to get checked off. I hate having something financially hold me back for long, and that’s why I am bound and determine to have zero debt as soon as possible. I already put a good chuck of money towards my loans whenever I get a pay check but it isn’t enough to fully eliminate them and I want them fully eliminated.

2) Live in France for at least a month to learn the language

I have this inner urge to learn another language, and recently I have become more infatuated with french for personal reasons, so french it is. My goal is that I want to fully be able to conversationally talk in french, and understand what others are saying. The only way to do that, I have learned, is to just jump right into it and I feel that living there for a month will help do the trick. I can imagine myself being an au pair on the coast of France, just learning the language for a certain amount of time, watching kids and enjoying the sunshine.

3) Work abroad for longer than 6 months

Currently,  I am doing a 6 month internship in Germany but I would love to work internationally longer and experience the lifestyle for at least a year or two. I think it is amazing to to just live somewhere else and learn everything there is to learn about a city and culture, and the best time to do it is now before I have a family I need to have a home for. I want to be able to say to my kids I have lived my life the way I have wanted to live it and have experienced it to the fullest.

4) Travel to Asia including India, and Africa

I have always traveled a lot within Europe, and though there are still a ton of places I want to see in Europe, there are other continents I have yet to even explore and I am dying to explore them. I have always had the travel bug in me since I was little, but it is time for me to venture out of my comfort zone and travel to places farther than what I am use too.

5) Learn to fully love myself

Self appreciation and loving myself are the biggest things I am working towards right now. By the time I am 30, I want to be comfortable with who I am. Though I currently do love myself, there are still things I wish I could change. I have a huge problem not being able to be alone for longer periods at a time and I want to be able to get over that fear. For example, I want to be totally okay going on a trip by myself, which right now that sounds like the worst thing imaginable to me. This is something I know takes time, but I am hoping that by the time I am 30 that I will be a huge step closer to being 100% comfortable with me and being able to spend time alone.

In conclusion, I know that this list consist of a lot of things that may or may not be reached but I will do my best of fulfill each and everyone of them. Each of them gets me excited about my future after college and gets me excited for what life potentially has to offer. Entering the real world is a scary part in life, and having things to move towards helps eliminate that stress of the future and gives me motivation for the present. But all of this also will take careful budgeting and timing on my part, and won’t be as simple as just doing it. Something that helps figures out those things, and helps budgeting is Personal Capitals Show Your Net Worth. It’s easy and free and helps you get a better picture of exactly your finances, which is something going into planning such ambiguous goals of mine will be key in checking off things off my checklist. It helps gain a bigger picture of how things I am doing now, can help me in the future.

Checklist are motivational. They set into perspective the things you need/want to get done. They help set ambition into things you do every day.

Which is why I encourage everyone to do a checklist for themselves. You have to be ambiguous about your life goals, and set them into something you see every day (like a list 😉 )

Just overall, never give up on your list and the things you want to accomplish in life. Everything is possible and I firmly believe that.

Much love,


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