My Start in Berlin: Stepping into the real world


As you may or may not know, I have embarked on the next step of my journey. I will be spending the next seven months in Berlin, Germany doing an internship. This means I will be taking a semester off of school to pursue this and will return to my University this coming Spring to finish up my degree and graduate (yikes). I will be interning as a Brand Women’s Intern for Nike AGS (Austria, Germany and Switzerland), which means I get to finally put that degree I am about to get into use (hopefully).

As I sit oh my balcony in Berlin, I can’t help but think how I am jumping in the direction to pursue my dreams. Anyone who remotely knows me, knows that I strive to continue my path with Nike, and that it was on my list to live in a big city. And I am blown away I am pursuing both.

Though, I thought I was nervous studying abroad? This is a whole other feeling that is indescribable. The closest I can even come close to is that it is the feeling of not knowing whether your hungry, nervous, or sick. It is the feeling of not being able to sleep because you are either excited, happy, scared, or afraid.

As I left to Study Abroad almost a year ago, I was surrounded by the comfort of school. The knowing that I know how to do school. The knowing that I will be surrounded by people I am bound to be friends with. The knowing that I am in a bubble. The knowing hat my dad is only an hour away from me.

I am stepping into the world of the unknown. I know that the future is filled with the unknowns. I know that I will have extreme highs, but am bound to encounter extreme lows. I know that it won’t all be smiles and laughs, but I am lucky enough to have a support system stationed around the world who are always there to help me through every step of the way.

And though my nerves are at an all time high and I really don’t know how to feel at the moment, I want to leave away with one thought.

I want to say that if you can dream it, you can do it. It’s all about believing in yourself and believing in your dreams. This internship didn’t come easy to me. It was a rough and gruesome process that included many rejections, many cover letters and many hard decisions, but it was my faith that brought me to continue to believe that it will all work out. I tried to never loose the faith and in moment’s of doubt I looked to where my passion lied and looked towards my support system.

Overall, through it all, I am ready as I’ll ever be to start this next step in my journey, and am ready to start taking on the world (as nerve raking as it may be).

I’ll wrap it up with a quote from Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog:

”Have faith in yourself, but also have faith in faith. Not as faith as others define it. Faith as you define it. Faith as faith defines itself in your heart.”

Much love,


P.S. If anyone finds themselves in Berlin, hit me up!

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