The Essence of Patience


Patience, it is truly a virtue. I can say that it is an art form I have yet to fully learn, but I am slowly learning. It is something I personally struggle with, and have been for a few years now. I seem to lack the talent to take things as they come and to not mule over something every single day until I hear results.

That is my guilty habit. I tend to not be able to push aside waiting and tend to think of every possible solution that may occur out of the result I am waiting to hear from.Whether that be waiting for test grades, waiting for job interviews, or waiting for any type of news, it seems that time just goes by extremely slowly and that the answer never seems to come at the time I am wanting to hear it from.

These past three months have especially tested my patience. Between waiting for grades to waiting to hear back from interviews, I don’t think there was a time where I wasn’t worried about something because I was waiting to hear results of some sort.

My impatience was starting to show to people around me, and someone wise told me to look at the span of everything that is happening in the grand scheme of things. If you are waiting to hear back from an interview let’s say, and they said they will get back to you within the week, take a step back and realize how short a week actually is in the span of a year. Time just seems to elongate when you are waiting and that’s the patience comes in but in the reality it is just a small waiting period looking at it from a bigger perspective.

It’s such tricks that I am starting to learn to ease my mind of the worry. Once I realize how little time I actually do have to wait, I set up goals to keep myself busy during that time. I know that too much downtime and time at home will make me go insane. I know I have to get outside and make plans and interact with others to distract myself. If I am at home, I do something that distracts my mind like reading or coloring (honestly coloring wins me over every time). By doing such things, time goes by quicker and before I know it the news I have been waiting for arrives.

It’s also always important to remember that there is nothing you can do expect be patient in such matters. Usually, the decision is in other people’s hands and you did what you did and it’s just time to wait. Thinking about how you could have done things differently won’t change a thing. It truly is something you can’t control anymore. It’s the time to let it go till you hear results.

Patience is something that I know has never come easy to me but with careful steps it’s something I look to over come. But at the same time being impatient is a part of life, you just have to learn how to handle it and not take it to the extreme.

Like I said, it’s something I am still learning and will probably continue to learn the rest of my life but for now I can just take the steps I have learned to try to overcome that dreadful impatience (as hard as it may seem).

Much love,


p.s. Sorry for the delayed post. I have been enjoying my summer vacation before I hit the real world!


2 thoughts on “The Essence of Patience

  1. I am currently facing very similar situations! Patience is such an important thing and those of us who do not naturally have it we seriously need to try to gain as much as we can!


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