Finals Week: 4 Ways to De-stress


Finals week is approaching quickly, and the amount of project, essays and finls to study for is out of this world. But in the midst of it all one can forget the importance of taking care of oneself. Though it seems that one should disregard that and focus just on school. I whole heartily disagree. I believe everyone should take a little part out of their day to focus on themselves and have a little “me time” to stay sane in this crazy stressful time in the semester.

Even if it is just for 30 minutes a day, at least it is something and trust me your anxiety level will decrease and you will be ready to attack the end of the semester. It will also help your mental health and sanity (it at least helps mine).

Here are a few things I do to de-stress myself:

1) Color

Surprisingly, this is very therapeutic and calming. There is something about tuning out the rest of the world and focusing on a single page to color, I have always enjoyed coloring, ad ever since adult coloring books have came out, I have literally been in heaven. Coloring books are super easy to get a hold of, and so are coloring supplies. I usually plug in my headphones, tune out the rest of the world, and just get lost in the coloring book.

2) Watch An Episode on Netflix

If you are really good at self-control and are really able to stop watching after one episode, this is a great option for you! I have the problem that I always let Netflix keep running but sometimes, on a good day,  I am able to watch an episode and let myself relax by knowing I am taking some time for myself and enjoying something I love doing.

3) Workout

Being active has always helped me level my anxiety. I have even gotten told by professionals to do this because I carry so much anxiety, and it honestly works like a gem.  I typically try to at least just get 30 minutes in to simply sweat my stress away. I feel so much better not only physically but mentally after a nice little work out. It helps me attack the workload I have ahead and let’s me also toon out the noise from everything else for a short time period.

4) Eat out with Friends

If your wallet permits this, then this is a great way to physically distract yourself from your stressors. It is also a great way to reconnect with friends and forget for a second about your workload. For me at least when I do this, I am able to focus more on my studies I have to get done and am in a happier mood. If you give yourself a time limit with how much you are aloud to be out, then this will serve a great purpose in letting you de-stress, and you get to eat some good food!

Overall, do anything that allows you toon out the outside world for just a little bit. Take a deep breath. Things don’t last forever, and this too shall pass. It is what I tell myself, and what I live by.

With that, GOOD LUCK! You got this.

Much Love,



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