Going through Coachella: 4 Tips and Tricks


Who would have thought that magical weekend could be spend in a searing hot desert with high winds? That is exactly what Coachella is, and has become for me. I recently just went to weekend 2 of Coachella and have nothing but rave reviews to say about the festival. It was my first time experiencing such a festival and I am already excited to go next year. 

Through going through my first Coachella experience, here are 4 tips and tricks I learned from the entire weekend:

1) Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

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The desert will do a number on you if you don’t do this, especially if you are drinking alcohol and such. Being out in the sun for a number of hour does that for you and if you are lucky enough to go to a festival such as Coachella free water is provided for you as long as you have a reusable bottle. It’s a life savor and will help you last all day. The trick is to fill up the water bottles in the bathrooms where there is less of a line, and also to bring in an empty plastic bottle just in case you loose it, it won’t be such a big deal. In general though it will help you survive all three days, and trust me you don’t want to miss a day!

2) Attire

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My day one attire! 

Wearing the proper attire is key. Going to festivals has become not only a place wehr your outfit is a statement but has become place where you can literally wear whatever you want and you will totally be accepted (which should be everywhere but in reality isn’t true). Wear something that is a statute of who you are and rock it with confidence.

It’s key to remember though during the day it is searing hot, yet at night it cools off quick and unless your surround by people 24/7 you will get cold. Bring a light jacket for the evening, and wear lose and easy clothes for during the day. In addition, bring a bandana. That was a rookie mistake I did this year, and with all the winds I regret not doing so. Bring a bandana to cover your mouth and nose to protect yourself from ingesting extreme amounts of dust.

3) Don’t be afraid to see performances by yourself.

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After seeing a show by myself and receiving the artist’s flag

Honestly, this one was a huge step for me. I have always been a type that needs to experience things with friends around me and am always a little nervous when having to experience something on my own. I never thought that I would be able to successfully step out of my comfort zone and enjoy something by myself as much as I did when I went to shows by myself at Coachella. There were a few artist, such as Matoma, that I wanted to see that no one else did. I attacked them by myself and it was on of the best memories I have from Coachella. It was more of a personal accomplishment just to go by myself, but there is something special about doing something on your own! So do it and don’t be afraid.

4) Remember you are experiencing something of a lifetime.

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Enjoy it and take it it. I think it’s easy to get wrapped up in the commotion of the weekend, but if you can take a few moments and take in what you are experiencing you won’t regret it. The feeling of being in the presence of so much amazing talent, incredible people, and amazing atmosphere is worth taking a few seconds out of your time to let it soak in. This experience happens rarely in life and will be memories that last forever. So many wish they could be in your spot right now but for reasons couldn’t be there and you are lucky enough to be there. Enjoy it and all it has to offer.

Overall, if you ever get the chance to experience a music festival like Coachella, do it. It is a weekend you won’t regret, and it’s worth the investment it cost to go.

‘Till next year Coachella, I couldn’t have asked for a better and more memorable weekend.

Much love,


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