4 Things To Do In The LA Area (includes Orange County)



Whenever I have someone come and visit me I absolutely love it because I learn so much more about the city I live in. Things that I never knew before to explore. A few weeks ago, I had a very special guest come visit me, which meant it was time again to explore more of the city I live in. From him visiting, I did a few things that I had yet to do and here are a few things to do in the Los Angeles area (includes Orange County)!

Here ar 4 things one must and should do:

1) The Hollywood Sign Hike

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I have lived near LA for three years, and had yet to do this hike till I had my special guest visit. It was his idea to do so and I thought it was brilliant. The hike is beautiful in its own way. When you get super close to the Hollywood sign, you not only have a beautiful view of the city but also a majestic view of the sign. Seeing the sign that close is really something special and gives it that glamours feel that LA has an image of being.

The entrance to the hike is Hollyridge trial. Just be prepared that on the weekends you can’t part on the streets near the Hollywood sign, and have to track quiet a few ways up hill to get started on the hike! So bring water for sure!

2) Whale Tour- Newport Beach


I promise that was a whale splash!

In the spring time, when the whales are migrating, it is the perfect time to do such a tour. We looked on Groupon for a deal, found one and called the next day to make a reservation to see whales. It was an incredible experience! We saw three different types of whales from  grey whale to blue, and even saw dolphins. It’s beyond amazing to see such creatures out in there natural habitat. We got really lucky, and if you look at the correct times they are migrating you can be so lucky too!

We went to Davey’s Locker Sport Fishing & Whale Watching, which was a great place! I have used them before for a sunset cruise which is just as cool, and would highly recommend them.

3) NBA Game


I have always been a NBA fan, but funny thing is I have never attended a game before. This was one of the top things my guest wanted to see this trip. Though we recommended looking for tickets earlier, stubhub is always a good option as well, just be careful not to pay to much then you normally would. We saw the LA Clippers. They played against the Celtics and won. It was a great atmosphere to be in, and I truly believe that it’s an investment worth investing if you are slightly into basketball.

4) Disneyland

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Though I own a Disney annual pass, there is nothing like spending the entire day in the magical place and to see the reaction of visitors. I never really go the full day usually just for a few hours, and so going the entire day is something else for me. Getting up in the morning, getting there early, using fast passes, eating incredible disneyland food, seeing the parades, and fireworks, it’s all just incredible. My favorite part though is seeing the little kid come out of anyone who visits and has either never been to disneyland or hasn’t been in a really long time. It’s beyond worth it to go and just see their reaction to everything and see them constantly smiling from ear to ear.

Overall, it should’t take a guest to go explore the city that I live in but needless say it’s always fun exploring it with someone who is complelty unaware about it. They bring out new adventures I never though of doing but love to do. It makes me realize how lucky I am to live currently where I do, and makes me want to explore more!



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