Germany vs. USA: A choice I’ll never be able to make

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become” Steve Jobs

I feel like I will forever start every post with something with the concept of time and how another week has gone by. It’s crazy how fast time is flying but I couldn’t be enjoying it more over here in Europe. Studying abroad is treating me well. 

This past week has been crazy, from having family friends come visit me to finding an incredible amazing Italian restaurant to accidentally ending up in Stuttgart to experiencing Reggaeton at a club. The week has been one for the books. And yes I have adapted more to the cold weather (literally by buying a blanket scarf and more long pants) but more of this to come at the end with my PS.

Being in Germany on my own I have learned to live life like a college student in Germany (or at least attempt too) but in all honestly it is as if my daily routine back home just adapted itself to the European way of life (or I have always had the little European in me and it’s coming to light now).

As the weeks go by, I truly start to realize I am a blend of both my cultures. I notice it here more than ever. I have clear distinct American ways but also clear distinct German ways. With my unique culture background coming out, it’s intriguing to me that I constantly get asked about my preference between the two but also where I see myself living between the two. I have received both way more than I count and it honestly gets overwhelming sometimes because I tend to over think everything but my ultimate and true answer is very simple.

Between the two cultures there are positive and negatives, like anything in life. I love certain things about the States and I love certain things about Germany but it also goes the other way, there are some things that I hate about the States and certain things I hate about Germany. No culture is perfect but for me I am in love with both of them and my heart is so fond of both nations equally that I could never pick one over the other willingly.

In regards to my future, that has never been something that I was ever 100% certain about (but really who is?). I mean let’s be honest, my answer changes probably about every three months (if that) with where I see my future. I tend to fluctuate between the same few ideas but tend to keep going back and forth between all my options as well.

I mean in all honesty, I will go wherever my heart and my life takes me. Where my gut takes me. I am someone who loves to have a rough plan but ultimately someone who is super indecisive in her life but when it comes down to making an important decision I make the right one for me at that moment. I always have been like that. I was like that with my college choice, with my internship choice and even with my weekend plans. I am already known here as the girl’s whose plans constantly change. The choices I choose may not always be the right thing, and I get that. Making a decision with the heart/gut is not always the most efficient way to get thorough life but to me it’s the only way to fully live my life happily. It’s who I am. I am a pretty lenient person and adapt when I need to and that carries over to my decision-making skills. Which leads me to how I answer the question to where do I see myself ending up in life. That being said, I’ll go wherever my life takes me at that moment, and who knows where that may be, it may be both in the end at some point!

My life has been filled with spontaneity due to my way of thinking. It has been filled with tears due to making decisions based on my heart but it has also been filled with endless amounts of laughter as well. I can only take my college decision as an example. I made a decision that was right for me at that moment and though it wasn’t easy, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I ended up where I am supposed to be, though at first I didn’t see it.

I hope my life continues to be that way; throughout the rest of my time here in Germany right now to my future wherever that may be. But most importantly, it comes down to that I love both my cultures so much and appreciate them so much for that they have given me and for them shaping me into the women I am today. And for that I am eternally grateful.

I’ll conclude with wise words from Steve Jobs:

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become” -Steve Jobs

Much love,



In regards to my week, it started off last weekend with me going back home to Stuttgart and having family friends come visit us for literally all of Sunday. It’s crazy to me that over the years, even though I am constantly gone, I have been able to maintain such good friendships with people from my childhood. It was amazing to see them all, and one of them even came and visited me in Reutlingen shortly after and we shared amazing crepes that I am pretty sure set me in a sugar coma afterwards. (pictured below)

School was okay. Nothing out of the ordinary but nothing crazy. It is harder than expected but then again, like I have stated before, leave it to me to attend an actual school for study abroad. But honestly I am totally happy with my decision and am truly integrating myself into the European college culture life

Thursday evening I took someone special to their very special birthday dinner that I promised him two weeks ago. I found this Italian restaurant on yelp and it was like a hidden gem. The food was amazing and the company was just as good.

This past weekend, I had an amazing girls weekend with friends I have made through the intensive course I took a few weeks back. Saturday we wanted to go shopping at the outlet malls but got on the wrong train and headed into downtown Stuttgart instead. Since we were already there we decided to go shopping in Stuttgart, where I decided to finally buy another pair of pants and a scarf that could literally pass as a blanket. I love it. That evening we headed to a club that just opened up here. It was Reggaeton themed (Spanish music) and it was a blast.

This weekend though it’s up to Oktoberfest in Munich and I can’t wait!

IMG_0720IMG_0679  IMG_0695 IMG_0715


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