And Just Like that a Month is Gone: Concept of Time and my Time Studying Abroad

On Monday I will have officially been in Germany for a month. It is crazy to me how fast time runs and it’s something I have realized I have to embrace. Moment’s like these in life flash by in a blink of an eye (heck, life just does overall), and I have to take in every moment I can because soon it will all be away from me (which god forbid, I can’t talk about right now because emotional me will just start crying).

Time is a weird concept that as you get older you learn, or at least try to learn, to understand. I will always remember people telling me growing up at certain monumental moments to “enjoy this time, because soon before you know it, it will all be over”, and I never quiet grasped what they meant or how they meant it until now.

I mean, how does one embrace time?  

It’s actually quiet a simple concept in my mind yet so hard to do on a daily basis. You live in the moment. Yes, the future is compressed of so many unknowns to figure and stress out about. So many unknowns that even freak me out beyond belief; like will this whole experience be a thing of the past? Will my relationships I have established here remain or fissile away? Will my relationships back home in the States be just as strong as when I left? Where am I going to go after graduation? How am I going to pay off my student loans? Heck, what do I even want to do after graduation? (and trust me this list can go on and on and on and on..)

So many questions and unknowns, and that right there is what I feel destroys the aspect of being able to live in the moment. Yes, there is a time and a place to mull and think about the future and what you are going to do with it, and having a plan is never a bad thing but one can’t let it take away from what they have right in front of them. My happiness has grown immensely from just simply trying to adopt this way of life. I hope that I can learn greatly from this on how to keep up my happiness admits tough times. I realize life isn’t always perfect, and trust me like I mentioned in last weeks post, it hasn’t always been here and there is still a ton of shit I’m working through in my life, but somehow I am able to look past those moment and still live in the present with the people around me, and that has truly has given me an experience of a lifetime.

The greatest compliment I have received here is that I am constantly smiling and giving off positive energy. I never in my life have heard this compliment repeatedly before till I arrived in Germany. It for sure still makes me blush every time I think about it but I can’t help but think it has to do with my mind change, the one of being present with today rather than stressing out about the future. I naturally always stress about the future and always have to have a plan, which has destroyed times in the past for me, and I wasn’t going to let it destroy this experience. I mean it doesn’t come easy and I need daily reminders but even something as simple as taking to someone I care about helps change the mood or even listing out reasons why I am lucky to live the life I do today.

Happiness is contagious and it’s something I have learned needs to be present in everyone’s life. It makes life so much more bearable and it is what ultimately makes life beautiful. And I can honestly say I believe that.

Overall, Germany is still treating me so well, and not only am I enjoying my time here, I am learning so much about myself that I ever could thought imaginable.

And with that, try to live in the moment and be happy. Happiness is contagious and when the moment is gone, you won’t regret not fretting about the future, rather be thankful for being in the present. I mean after all the clichés are true, the present is a present (a gift).

Much love,


P.S. An update what I have been up to rather than thinking about time!

This week was just as good as the first three. I met so many more students and I think I officially have to give my hat to the Europeans for being able to keep up with the nightlife here. I’m barely holding on. But it has been a blast every night with everyone and like I said, I love everyone here so far. I actually met more people from my own program I am in which is totally nice because I really do love meeting new people and I need people to tackle school with. Which by the way, I started real school this week and I can already tell it’s going to be a handful but I am ready to learn as I’ll ever be (I mean let’s be real I have no choice). I mean leave it to me to go to a school abroad where I actually have to do school. So this semester, I will be working my booty off to just be keeping up with it all but I said I am lucky that I have found others to tackle the course load with. And everyone I have met has already made this experience totally worth it.

In regards to weather.. it is killing me already. It’s barely 60 degrees and I am already freezing my booty off. I have already gotten sick because of the weather change but I am slowly adapting (or I like to believe I am but in reality I am still always so cold). I refuse to bring out the big winter jacket though because I don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb… (not like I already do.. haha) But it just means I get to buy more sweaters! Yay for sweater weather!

Below are some photos from the week!:

FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-3   IMG_0515FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRender


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