Highway 101: 3 Adventure must do’s!

For as many time I have driven down the west coast to go to school is crazy and yet this was my first time last week driving down the 101, and it was well worth it! It is an amazing road trip that everyone should experience at least a part of it at least once

Here are the three things you must do when you find yourself driving down the 101!

1) The Redwoods

If you have never seen the Redwoods then it is a must stop on the way down, though you have to go slightly off of 101, it is still 100% well worth it. The beauty behind these huge trees is incredible, especially driving through them. You truly feel like an ant in this ginormous world.

2) San Fransisco

Though this time around we didn’t stop in San Fransisco, you drive directly through it while on the 101. It is such an incredible city and worth a stop. My mother and I have both experienced San Fransisco and just wanted to continue on the road but 100% I would stop there again if I ever took the 101. San Fransisco has such an awesome culture and so many things to experience, even if you are just here for a few hours you are bound to find something incredible.

3) Carmel/Monterey

The beauty that is known to be Carmel and Monterey is stunning. Carmel is such a cute and quant place. It reminds me much like Europe and it is filled with tiny hole in the wall restaurants that are to die for. The streets and trees just make is so enjoyable to just walk around in. It makes you never want to leave.

A little view from Carmel. I loved how their signage for streets was posted on posts such as the stop sign!

In addition, Monterey which is close to Carmel, is known for the infamous Canary Row. Honestly, it is such a cute place. It offers amazing food (including of course sea food), an offers such beauty. Since it is a marine sanction, there are sea lions just laying out on the rocks and its so fun to see them in their natural habitat. Also, if you ever get a chance the aquarium is well known and suppose to be incredible!


I had an amazing road trip down highway 101 with my mamma. Starting in Portland all the way to Southern California, taking an extra day to do the scenic route was well worth it and highly recommend! There is so many places one can stop and explore, these were just a small list one can do on this road trip!

Much love,



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