Here I Go: 5 Months Abroad (All the beginning feels)

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared or nervous to study abroad.

I’m literally freaked. To be honest, I am a mixture of every emotion possible at this very moment. Between excited, anxiousness, nervousness, I don’t think there is a feeling I am not feeling. But in all honestly who isn’t when it comes to the time when one is sitting at the airport and about to travel to the place one is going to live for the next half of the year.

I know for me the scenario is a little different, but it doesn’t mean that I still don’t feel the feelings of everything I listed above.

I have traveled all my life due to the fact that I have visited my dad in Germany every summer since I was born but this time I will be hitting a new adventure on my own, and while my dad will be a good hour away (which I am very fortunate for), I’m still completely on my own and have to learn to fully adapt to the college life of a German.

Being I am the only student from my home university studying where I am studying abroad, I don’t have the comfort of a familiar face on campus or a buddy to help navigate through the new world I am about to get introduced to. It’s stepping into the unknown and trusting that I will make it out alive that is the scariest thing to accept. It’s really the first time in my life I have ever really done so, even going to college I had my best friend coincidently going to the same college!

With that, I also just have found my niche at my university back in the United States and have finally felt like I belong somewhere and now I have to pick everything up and start all over again in a new country. Now I know it’s only for five months but still the fact is I have to start all over again when I feel like I just did that yesterday. I have to make brand new friendships and find a new niche in this new place I will call home.

I know it won’t be easy, and it will come with its bump and bruises (but that is like anything in life) but I have to enter with an open mind and open heart. Yet I am excited and giddy. I can’t wait to embrace my new life and see where my life takes me from here! As I just finished up the Friday Night Light series (which is amazing and highly recommend), as Coach Taylor says:

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

And with that I take on my next adventure for the next five months in Germany!

Much Love,



My journal/scrapbook for my study abroad experience, I find it very finding for the adventure.

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