Voodoo Doughnuts: Heaven on Earth and a Must Go!

All I know is, is if you ever find yourself in Portland the one thing you have to do is go to Voodoo Doughnuts. They are the most delicious things that I have ever tasted. They have doughnuts with all types of toppings, including my favorite Oreos or Captain Crunch. They also have vegan doughnuts that are just as delicious (in fact one of my friends actually prefers them!). They are also reasonably priced and sell stickers if you become obsessed like I am!

If you are a doughnut freak like me you will have to visit this place if at all possible! They have three locations in Oregon, two in Portland and one in Eugene. They also have one in Denver, Colorado! Make sure you bring cash with you because that is all they accept but trust me it is so worth your time and money!

As I head to college this week, I will miss this place and these doughnuts more than anything! That I can guarantee!

Much Love,




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