3 Reasons to White Water Raft this Summer!


Another exciting adventure tackled! White water rafting.

Saturday, we tackled the Deschutes river in Oregon with white water rafting! We got a guided tour by High Desert River Outfitters and it was an incredibly fun experience. The guides/company took amazing care of us and we were nothing but smiles as we left the Deschutes. 

And so here are three reasons why YOU should go this summer:

1) It is fun for all ages.

It is perfect for a family outing! There are many different levels you can go on at different parts of the river and it is one of the safer adventures one can do. I mean the guides know exactly what they are doing and you are constantly surrounded by people, from other boats to people on the side of the river watching. From 12 year olds to 60 year olds, there was not a age group missed when we went on Saturday and everyone came off with the same exact reaction. Though I do agree it could be really scary for super young kids, pre-teens is a perfect age to take the kids out and make a fun family outing out of rafting!

2) It is fun for all levels of thrill seekers: Little to Big!

Anyone ranging from someone who enjoys the thrills of skydiving to even the person who can barely handle a roller coaster can handle white water rafting. I mean if my mother can handle and highly enjoy white rafting, then really anyone can do it. My mother is someone who gets easily motion sickness and isn’t really a thrill seeker in dangerous adventures yet she came off of white water rafting raving about the experience and how she wants to do it again next summer. I am also saying the same thing, and I am the one who loves to sky dive and loves roller coasters! It is a perfect dose of adventure anyone is looking for and serves for a great place to create amazing memories.

3) It is not only fun but calming and relaxing.

There is something about being on the river during the times when you’re not tackling the rapids. The surrounding area is beautiful and breathtaking. You can’t help but take in the utter beauty that this world is and just relish on how mother nature is just so much greater than us all but just so beautiful. You really don’t think about the outside world when you are on the river, and you just enjoy the company around you and the peace of the world at that very moment. You can’t help but come off the raft with the sense of calmness and relaxation after being one with mother nature.

Overall, white water rafting is a wonderful and unforgettable experience, and one that comes highly recommended! There are so many places one can white water raft in North America, and it’s one of the unique things we offer! So wherever you are I suggest looking up the places near you and go, and if you so happen to be in Oregon, go to the Deschutes river!

Much love,


4 thoughts on “3 Reasons to White Water Raft this Summer!

  1. What a fun experience! I would love to white water raft sometime. I’ve seen some opportunities on Groupon and Living Social before — I should totally do it!


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