Dance Like No One Is Watching

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Dance Like No One Is Watching

If you are in a car, at a party, at a concert, there shouldn’t be any limitations. No care in the world should be given. It’s an art form that comes with acceptance of self, and realizing that what others think is of no significance, only what YOU think of yourself. 

Going back to last Saturday, as I was surrounded by a plethora of high school students at the Boys of Zummer tour, it reminded me again of my high school self and how much I cared what others though of me. Throughout the entire concert, the high schoolers would rarely show their excitement for the artist and would barely sing along. I had to question whether someone paid them to be there. Though, not to judge, like I said it was me just a few years ago. Back in high school I cared what everyone thought of me, even strangers, though I knew I would probably never see them again. It had to do with my self esteem and self acceptance. I had a hard time overcoming it and it always seemed to affect how I acted no matter where I went.

It just made me sad to just see those high schoolers standing there lightly nodding their head when I know they wanted to jam out just like the rest of us (because when that was me, it was all I really wanted do. I was just worried of others opinions of me). College has blessed me with that. Between the push of maturity, the new friendships around me, and everything else that happens in college, I have learned more about myself and that I would rather emanate who I really am rather than the opposite. If people like me for that then great but if not then that’s okay too! It’s all about letting go of putting on an image for others around you, and rather demonstrate you. It makes you happier as a person and makes you feel so much more alive.

It’s not easy and takes time. Hell, it took me two years! But I hope that one day all those high schoolers will one day realize it doesn’t matter who is around you, whether strangers, your friends, your significant other, you should always just be able to not care and dance like no one is watching. Enjoy the time and don’t worry about the judgement of others because ultimately no none cares, if anything they applaud you for not giving a care in the world.

So, always remember…

Dance like no one is watching ❤

Much love,


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