The Boys of Zummer Tour: A must see!


The Boys of Zummer tour was a tour I never thought would be as amazing as it was! I have been to a plethora amount of concerts and I do have to say this ranks in being one for the books.

Featuring Wis Khalifa and Fall Out Boy, the tour is an interesting mix but for some reason it works really well together. I attended it this Saturday with my best friend at the amphitheater in Ridgefield, Washington, and as I stated before I was highly impressed.


A photo from FOB’s set!

For anyone my age (anyone in their 20s), it is the perfect mix of throwbacks from the good old middle school/high school days and new music (between Sugar We’re Going Down to See You Again). Not only was the music a good mix, the set was amazing and both acts made an effort to interact with the fans that were in the back on the lawn (like we were).


How close they were when they came back and sang close to the lawn!


Another reason why they worked so well together was the message that they both portrayed was truly inspirational. They both worked to portray to their audience that you should always push for what you want to do, don’t let any one judge you, and be happy. My favorite line by far the entire night was from Wiz, who said “If you aren’t smiling, it’s your own f****** problem”.

The fans interacted so well together and it seemed there was no age gab in the audience yet everyone was enjoying themselves. Though I do have to say, the high schoolers around us at this concert needed to let go a little more and enjoy themselves rather than just standing and listening (but then again this is what I did in high school too so no judgment passed and I didn’t learn to let go till two years ago).

So, if possible, if you are remotely a Wiz Khalifa or Fall Out Boy fan try to catch the Boys of Zummer Tour! It comes highly recommended and the ticket prices are just right (they range but the cheap ones are cheap and you can still see everything)!

Much love,

p.s. The opening act for this tour was Hoodie Allen, and I love him. I have seen him before in Santa Ana at the Observatory. He is such an amazing performer, as well as a positive influence and I will always support him!


Right as Hoodie came on!

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