4 Things To Do At Cannon Beach and Seaside

One thing that is underestimated is the coast in the pacific northwest. It’s different from any other beach experience. This weekend I took a weekend vacation with my mom to the beautiful Oregon Coast of Seaside and Cannon Beach. And I have to say it is one of my favorite things to do whenever I am back in the Pacific Northwest.

If you ever find yourself in Oregon, here are my top 4 things to do in Seaside and Cannon Beach:

1) Enjoy the Fresh Seafood, specifically Clam Chowder


If you aren’t vegetarian or vegan, I would highly recommend trying the seafood because what better seafood is offered than on the coast! Seaside and Cannon Beach are specifically known for their Clam Chowder’s and my favorite by far is Mo’s. Mo’s is only located in Oregon and is known for their amazing seafood. I mean having any of their seafood is to die for and always hits the spot! It comes highly recommend from not only me but a ton of people who annually visit the Oregon Coast.

2) Enjoy the Plethora of Candy Stores


Seaside’s Bruce Candy Kitchen


My favorite Chocolate: Oreo, covered in Peanut Butter, covered in Milk Chocolate

For some reason on the Oregon Coast there always seems to be an abundant amount of candy stores. My all time favorite is Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. They are known to have the best taffy in the world (in my opinion and trust me I have tried a piece at every candy shop possible). They make their taffy daily and fresh, and have an assortment of favors (my favorites being peanut butter, vanilla and banana). They also have an amazing chocolate assortment that will bring you into chocolate heaven. I had the Oreo covered in homemade peanut butter and chocolate, and I’m pretty sure I was in heaven when I was devouring the entire cookie. They have two locations one in Seaside and one in Cannon Beach. But really trying any of the candy stores and enjoying the sweet treats is a must when in Seaside and Cannon Beach.

3) Enjoy the Little Shops


Seaside and Cannon beach are filled with little shops that sell unique things that are always just intriguing to look at, whether you purchases something or not. Between the clothing boutiques, art studios and little trinket shops there is something for everybody and I promise there is always something new they sell that you never knew existed, like this year my mother and I ran into a salt store that sold bath salts of all different scents and sure enough we bought some for a really good price!

4) Enjoy the Beach


Our Morning Walk on Seaside Beach


Cannon Beach with the view of Haystack Rock

Whether that be taking morning walks or evening walks, just stepping onto the beach and taking in the breathtaking view is worth your while. It can be cloudy or sunny, there is something unique and breathtakingly beautiful about the Oregon Coast. Oregon Coast beaches are different from any other beaches I have been before and there is something so soothing about the ocean view and breathing in the ocean air.  In addition, also make sure to catch a sunset. Having the sun set over the ocean is always a sight worth seeing and reminds you how wondrous the earth is.

Overall, the weekend was a fabulous and well needed weekend for my mother and I. The Oregon Coast is always a nice little getaway from reality, and if you aren’t from Oregon and find yourself up here, I highly recommend at least visiting the Oregon Coast for a day!

Trust me it’s worth it!

Much love,



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