5 Reasons To Attend A Festival This Summer

Let’s just start this off that I am pretty sure I ate my entire calorie intake for the entire week in just one day!…But it was totally worth it with the food galore that was around me.

This past weekend I attended the Bite of Seattle, where vendors from around the Seattle area set up booths to showcase what they got (mostly involving food)! Not only was the food great but the entertainment was delightful, and I was able to experience it with family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while and create lasting memories filled with laughter and fun!

So, here are my top 5 reasons you should attend a festival of some sort near you this Summer!

1) The Food

Every festival I have attended, even if it isn’t food based, has always had food cards or food that just make your mouth water just thinking about them. Nothing compares to festival food, and it gives you an excuse to eat stuff you wouldn’t normally eat on a daily basis (such as my fried pb&j). One should always treat themselves, and a festival is the place to do it!


Fried PB&J


Curly Fries

2) Social Interaction

Whether it is catching up with old friends or meeting new ones, a festival is the place for all things social. It is a perfect place to meet up with family and friends that you haven’t seen in a while, and gives you also a good excuse to talk to new people and create new friendships. I mean anywhere there is music, food, and beverages you are guaranteed to get a bustle of people to attend.Bite of Seattle

3) Summer Weather and The Outdoors

My favorite part of summer is enjoying staying outdoors till well after the sunsets (which graciously happens at 9pm). The smell of fresh air and the warmth soaking into my skin is a feeling only summer can provide, and a festival provides the opportunity to take advantage of exactly that! I mean before you know it will be cold, rainy, and dark before six and staying outdoors longer than thirty minutes will become miserable.Space Needle

4) The Arts

Every festival has something unique to offer whether that be music, dance, physical art, and/or food. There is something for everyone out there and even if it isn’t your thing seeing someone do what they love is something truly special within itself. Even just learning about something you never knew existed before is exhilarating! There are hundreds of festivals out there and even just getting out and seeing what art they have to offer is fun, and who knows, maybe you will even learn something new!

The Alley.. where you try a specialty food from each vendor!

The Alley.. where you try a specialty food from each vendor!

5) The Experience

Every festival I have ever attended has ended up being an experience to remember. Between the laughs and conversations,  I have made some of my best memories at all different types of festivals. Every festival is different and brings its own uniqueness to the table. It’s about embracing everything around you in that moment and taking in every little thing you can.FullSizeRender-3

Overall, exploring the festivals around where you live is a perfect way to escape your daily routine and take a “mini” vacation with family and friends and have a blast doing so. It’s an easy way to have fun and money doesn’t have to be widely spend. Granted that depends on your own personal discretion, but I mean there are festivals that have free entry (like the Bite of Seattle!), and they are just as fun as any other festival where you pay an entrance fee.

So go out there! Explore the festivals in your area! I guarantee you there is plenty since summer is the perfect time to hold them ❤

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Attend A Festival This Summer

  1. I love festivals, too! I went to BottleRock in Napa this past May and the food was amazing. I try to go to at least one festival each year — such great memory makers.

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