A Perfect Festival Outfit

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Festivals, a time where good food is present, music is enjoyed and laughter is in the air…And finding the perfect outfit to wear is essential!

To me, its key to wear something comfortable, yet fashionable in the hot summer weather.

The perfect outfit, I say,  is always a perfect pair of shorts that are light yet comfortable (and easy for when the drinks get consumed and food is digested). A comfortable lose white-t that paired with a fashionable necklace and a hat to keep the sun out of my face (since I’m one that prefers glasses over sunglasses). For shoes, I always say close toed shoes are the best but ones you don’t mind getting dirty! They are fashionable yet comfortable for all day wear. In addition, I always say to bring a light jacket to throw on once the sun sets and for this outfit the perfect pairing is a chevron jean jacket that is easy to throw around your waist and still is fashionable.

I always want to be able to enjoy the festival to the max but I’m always about being fashionable and comfortable in such settings. Therefore, an easy outfit like this one is perfect for those conditions!

Now speaking of festivals I’m off to the Bite of Seattle!

Much love,


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