What will you remember this weekend?: A little Friday encouragment


Follow your dreams. Follow your heart. Take risks and leave your fears behind without ever looking back.

I stumbled upon this quote when searching through Pinterest and couldn’t resist the urge to share it on my blog.

In a month, I will be embarking on a five month study abroad journey to Germany. I couldnt help but think about the time that stretches ahead of me and the experiences that will enrich my life. Taking the wonderful opportunity I have and not leaving a regret behind.

But till then, taking risk and living life to its fullest doesn’t just start with my travels, it starts right where I am. Seizing the opportunities around me and enjoying life to the fullest. There are so many amazing things to explore and do just in my own backyard, and that’s where I plan to start.

So, take a risk a this weekend! Do something you have always wanted to do, even if it is just going for a run since you haven’t in a while or visiting a friend you miss seeing. Life is about enjoying the things around you to the max and leaving no regrets.

Just something to think about πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!

Much love,



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