Just like that.. the Whole30 rollercoaster is COMPLETE!

And just like that, 30 days is done and over with…



As I woke up at 6am due to a meowing cat, it clicked in my brain that I could eat whatever I wanted to today. I jumped out of my bed and headed to my mothers bathroom to congratulate her on finishing as well. We immediately decided to step on the scale (stupid and impulsive decision). For 30 days we have avoided this demon (as I like to call it) yet we were curious to see if anything did change weight wise.

My mother stepped on the scale first and lost a whooping eight pounds! You can tell she was ecstatic and she should be! I was beyond proud. It was then my turn and as I read the number on the scale a flush of emotions hit me. It seems I did lose weight but not as much as my mother. I lost just about three and a half pounds.

Though, I know still losing three and a half pounds is a lot and something to be proud of (I mean that’s still about a pound a week!), it still was hard to see that my mother lost double even though we ate the same exact thing and performed the same exact workout routines.  It never was a competition to me but it was hard for me to grasp and understand the difference.

And.. I am not going to lie, I broke down and looked for reassurance from my mother.

As I have mentioned before (in week 3 and week 2), I have dealt with body image issues for a while now and it seemed to all come crashing down after I stepped on that scale and looked at the harsh number that stood before me. Rather than focus on my inner feelings from whole30,  I let a stupid number destroy my self-confidence. It was all in my head and I had to realize that harsh reality. I was seeing not what others were seeing and I needed to change that. I had to remember (all thanks to my wonderful mother) that muscle does weigh more than fat, and I have gained a lot more muscle since taking on weight training classes just four weeks ago. In addition, I have increased my physical activity to daily, even if it means just going for a walk. That within itself contributes greatly to my body and something I should be proud of instead of a stupid number.

I had to be reminded that whole30 not only helped me get back into being physically active but help me learn that nuts make me bloated and so do inflammatory fruits, such as watermelon and cherries. It helped me learn meals that I can cook at college that will last me for a week, and are healthy and easy to make (such as lean burgers with lettuce wrapped around it and steamed potatoes). It helped me become aware of what I was digesting in my body, and helped me learn that it is okay to enjoy the good foods in life but you don’t have to finish the entire goldfish bag to do so.

But most importantly, I had to remember I learned I have obedience and strength, and unlimited amounts of it.

Through whole30, I was able to find that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I can stick through anything with determination and focus. I learned new ways to work through obstacles and above all I have learned I need to come and accept my body for what it is and be proud. I need to learn to appreciate that I only have one to live in and that it should be taken care of and not degraded by my ridiculous mindset.

The whole30 has been truly an incredible learning experience. It wasn’t a weightless diet, it was a cleanse to rejuvenate my body and that is exactly what it did. After I got over my breakdown, I was able to realize how much better I do feel completing the whole30. I see the amazing results not only physically but mentally. I mean looking at my before and after pictures there is a huge difference, and for that I am extremely proud. The scale is just a number and it’s more important I feel healthy and fit and display confidence rather than deteriorate my self-image due to a number. The mind is a powerful thing and though I still have a lot work on, I have to understand that I have come a long way since I started 30 days ago and the journey is not about to end here.


June 15: On The left || July 15: On the right


June 15: on the left || July 15: on the right

Always remember that anything is possible. If my mother and I can compete the whole30, so can you! Or anything else for that matter!

Much love,


p.s. The first thing I ate off of whole30 was peanut butter with breakfast… and half a cookie at lunch since it was what I was dreaming about! And BOYYYYY I did miss the sweet taste of both of those ❤ 😉

p.s.s If anyone wants helpful hints or is interested with the whole30 feel free to contact me or you can go directly to whole30’s website at whole30.com!

2 thoughts on “Just like that.. the Whole30 rollercoaster is COMPLETE!

  1. My family and I started the Whole30, but ended up falling off the wagon 2 weeks in. I applaud you not only for finishing, but realizing that it isn’t about the amount of weight you loose, it’s about becoming healthy minded all around. Even in our short two week period being on the program, we were able to find out which foods weren’t right for our bodies. Also, reading all of the food labels helped me to see the crap that many foods have added to them. I’m now more aware when we go grocery shopping and I don’t dismiss the way I feel after eating certain foods. Food really does have a major impact on how we feel and the way our bodies function and I’m so thankful for that insight! You look great and should be proud of your accomplishment!! Great job! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much! This means the world!’ And I’m proud you at least tried! Even just starting is an accomplishment. Just figuring out things that trigger your body is always a bonus in becoming healthier and something not a lot of people are aware of! It is crazy how much ingredients are in our foods that we are so unaware of and being knowledgable about that is key!


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