3 down, 1 TO GO!


My Mother and I celebrating 4th of July our way on the Whole30

Three weeks in and I am getting little bit sick of eating the food that I have eaten, I do miss my cheese and bread I am not going to lie. But like I have said in the past two post from the previous weeks, I am shocked at how much I have learned from this entire experience. From the foods that I eat, to my mental view of body image, to the source of finding happiness. It is a journey that I am proud to of almost accomplished.

This week, the greatest accomplishment was that my mother and I made it through our first  major holiday through the whole30! We made it through Fourth of July. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you that but the key was making it still a special day but without the American themed candy and cocktails. We made it our own little celebration. To eat, in the morning we had an omelet at the market and then enjoyed shopping all the Fourth of July deals at the mall afterwards. We ended the day eating a burger, just like any typical fourth of July, but instead of having a bun we ate it protein style and with lettuce. It wasn’t ideal but we made through the day and didn’t disappoint the whole30 program!

I can say only having a week left,  I can guarantee that I will take parts of this eating lifestyle into my regular eating regime. I mean I have learned so many things I can cook for myself while in college that will last me for a week in at least dinners, knowing I will be able to cut back on going out and processed foods.

In addition, with the body image issue, I have learned it is a controlled set of mind and making sure you believe yourself you are more than what your image perceives and for me it’s remember that on a daily basis. WE are our own worst critique, and therefore we should be instead our own best complement-or.

I know this post is rather shorter but it’s just a little update on how we are doing, Till next week!

Much love,



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