HALF WAY DONE: food help and body imagining


Day 17 is half way over! I am half way done and I am on my way to the finish line.. and the finish line never looked so good!

The second week was not as bad as expected regarding food wise. The cravings came and went as usual, but I do have to say as the week went on I slowly started to realize the health benefits kick in. At the gym, I noticed I had more energy going into and through my workouts. I also started realizing that my energy levels were naturally a higher. It is great to not always feel like I need to take a nap at one in the afternoon even after getting a full nights sleep. I feel motivated and focused to do things, which is rare especially on summer vacation.

Though, it wasn’t all peaches and rainbows. In regards to food, I was having sever bloating. I did research online through the whole30 forums (which is where people post about anything and everything about the whole30), and it seems nuts can cause an upset to stomachs and bloating. I decided to cut out nuts and sure enough my bloating subsided. Though I have been still having some digestive issues, the next thing is to eliminate fruits that can cause digestive issues and see if that helps the digestive aspect because again certain fruits are known to throw off your digestive track if consumed in huge amounts, which I have been doing.

Overall, I have been learning that the whole30 is really all just a huge learning curve, and it’s incredible to understand how your body interacts with certain foods.

Throughout the third week, my goal is to figure out what is happening to my digestive track but not only that it is to focus on my body image and my outlook on my body both internal and external.

That is the bigger issue that has come up throughout the second week more than expected, and I am ready to tackle it all together. I have always had a problem with my body image, and its time for me to take action. I am taking this entire summer to not only clean my eating but to fix myself, and that includes the way I view myself. I need to feel comfortable from the inside out and realize that everyone is structured different. I am taking action with my eating and with that come results but in due time. It doesn’t just take two weeks to see results but it is also not just about ones EXTERNAL image. It is about their internal one of themselves. Therefore, this week I am going to focus on the internal progress I feel rather than external and look at the other qualities about myself I feel I am not inadequate about. It is the first step in coming to acceptance and loving of myself and who I am.

Overcoming body image isn’t easy but this week I am taking a two step process to help me get on the right track. Every time I feel inadequate about my body, I don’t ignore it. I identify with it and practice self compassion. Then, after I have identified with my problem (making sure I don’t get stuck in it), I start thinking of things I am adequate in and focus on things that make up me as a person that make me proud to be who I am, such as that I am a driven person who pursues her dreams.

It is a step in the right direction and the next step for me in this whole30 journey!

Wish me luck going into this third week!

If anyone is interested in whole30 or about my experience, as always feel free to contact me! You can also find out more information at whole30.com!

Till next week when I am three weeks in (and literally so close to the finish line I can taste it)!

Much love,



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