My Summer.. Starting the Whole30


There is something about being not only confident in your own body but being comfortable with it. This past year, I have gained weight that I have never gained before but not only that I have also increased my bad eating habits and am exhausted all the time. The combination having the most stressful semester and working two jobs plus having an internship did a number on not only my physical appearance but my mental health. I know that I am generally confident person, but this change in my body, I am not going to lie, has put my confidence level down a little. I refuse to let that happen to myself and decided to this summer take charge.

This summer I decided I am going to take the initiative and start a whole new challenge.

This summer, I have taken on the Whole30 challenge (and so has my mother, due to I made her because there was no way I could do this alone).

To sum it all up, for 30 days I am eating whole foods, foods with ingredients I can understand and read out loud. I have cut out sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy. I have to read all my labels and pretty much make all my food by hand.

Disclaimer: Whole30 does not advertising itself as a weight-loss program but rather a way to reset your body functions and change your habits with food, though over 95% people do see a change in their body composition once the Whole30 is over.

I am not looking at this whole30 as a way to lose weight but as a way to kickstart better eating habits and to reset my internal body functions and to find out what food is triggering my constant exhaustion. To start feeling more comfortable with my body.

I started last Monday, June 15th. And let me tell you, It has been harder than anything I have decided to go though. The foods I crave, the temptations that are all around me, and the cooking time you have to incorporate is incredible. I have had sugar withdrawals that have caused immense headaches and have been flustered with how many labels I have to read to find things without added sugar in it (you would be surprised, it is hidden EVERYWHERE). I even dream of cheating. I have this reoccurring dream that I cheat the program and have a bite of a cookie. A deliciously warm chocolate chip cookie.

I am only exactly 7 days in and supposedly have the hardest week ahead of me. I can honestly say each day I have to remind myself why I am doing this and have to keep up the determination and momentum I have the past week even through the dark times.

BUT I am dedicated. I am determined. I am ready to make a change in my life and hopefully through this help others make a change as well. Because if this junk food lover can do it, anyone can!

Another blog post to come next week after week two! Lord help me… lets hope that those dreams about me cheating with those dang cookies go away…

Much Love,


3 thoughts on “My Summer.. Starting the Whole30

  1. I work at the Amazon fuellifmlnt center in Lexington, Ky. I had my hands on a few copies of your book today, just before they went into their packaging. Congrats!


  2. Yea – when I start to feel the boot dropping (I am feeling it now) I start to get aggressive. I want to attack something. I came to the conclusion recently that running and hiding is not going to work this time. It feels like a full-on assault. Course if it is a hide and run situation, the hubby will thrown me into the vehicle. He is good that way.


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