YOU are YOU and are Loved: Inspired by Bruce Jenner


My life has been a roller coster these past two months (which is why I have been MIA), but last night something inspired me more than ever to write a post and that is Bruce Jenner himself.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the farthest human being from being judgmental of whomever you feel you are as a human being. I am very open about my views and do not hold back any limitations when expressing them. I am a proud supporter of the LGBT community, and it’s people like Bruce Jenner in this world that spread the philosophy I have been trying to spread all along.

Be who YOU want to be, and be PROUD and CONFIDENT. 

No one deserves the life of being ashamed and hidden from who they truly feel they are, and I am not just talking about the LGBT community, I am talking about every single person that walks this planet earth. So many people internally struggle with their own acceptance, let alone societies acceptance. We live in a oppressing society that at times makes it hard to believe that people will be accepting of who we are and who we want to become, whether that is outing you are Gay, or revealing that you want to stray away from your parents hopes of you becoming a doctor.

I pride myself on being comfortable in my own skin and living each day being proud and happy with who I am and I have come to be. I try nothing more than to emulate that philosophy to others because, like I have stated, no one deserves the opposite. Everyone deserves to be who they truly are and to be comfortable in their own skin. But not only that, they deserve to be loved for exactly who they are. NO matter what the circumstance may be.

Since I was a young girl, I have graciously been given a loving and accepting family for whomever I chose/choose to be in whatever regards that may come. I’ll never forget as a 14 year old child, my father took me aside for a conversation one summer because I always was into very “boy”-ish hobbies, such as cars and sports. That one summer he took me aside and told me that if I ever had feelings towards girls, it was okay. I could be honest with him and even if other people didn’t say it was normal, it was, and he would love me no matter what. He told me that the moral goes beyond that though. He wanted to make sure that throughout my life, I knew that he would always support me in whatever I wanted or believed in because all he wanted was for me to be happy with who I am and my life.

A powerful, yet confusing thing for a ten year old to take in but nonetheless it is a message that I take with me every day of my life. I knew I had love and support behind me, and I could always count on my family to be there thorough think and thin.  I knew that my dad would always stand by my side because as long as I was doing/being me, there is nothing more he could or would want.

And so he does.

And so does my amazing mom.

I am beyond fortunate enough to thank my parents for giving me that support, because I pride myself on being one of the most comfortable people in my skin, and I have the loving support from my parents to thank for that. I want everyone in this world to feel the love and support I felt/feel.

I firmly believe we all have some sort of identity crisis we go through in life. I went through a major one just last year, which has pushed me to become even stronger with who I am. I struggled with internally figuring out where I belong, what values I believed in, and where I want my life to go. Not many agreed with a lot of my choices I made, but my support system kept me going and I’m stronger than ever here today.

This entire philosophy is what I want to preach to the entire world who feels they can’t be who they truly are. I just want everyone to know be whomever your heart desires and do what makes you happy. You have the support in this world even if you don’t believe you do. I promise you have at least one supporter, and that is me. I want more than anything for everyone to be able to say they are happy with who they are are and who they have become, and they know are fully supported. You aren’t alone in whatever struggle you are battling, no one is. YOU are a STRONG, CONFIDENT, COURAGEOUS human being.


And there is no one else like you out there. YOU are one of a kind, and that’s what makes you special.

I walk away with my favorite quote Bruce said all night, that Oprah herself even tweeted and that was:

“All of us deserve the right to be loved for who we are”

Thank you Bruce Jenner.

Now let’s change the world.

Much Love,


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