Moving out of the Teens and into the 20’s in 2015


“I’m too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed.” -El DeBarge

It’s been a rough going the start of 2015 but as my birthday approaches, literally in less than 24 hours, I can’t help but reflect back on the past year of the experience, people, and things I am beyond grateful for.

Blessed has become a word that becomes mocked in the modern social media society, which god knows when that started, but I couldn’t describe my life in any other way. I am beyond blessed with everything in my life and as I turn 20 soon, and enter the next chapter in my life I couldn’t be more excited to see what life has in store.

As I enter not only 2015 but a new decade in my life, I would like to take a moment to reflect the things and people in my life from this past year, which is taking a little opposite approach than my last post.

Chapman/California: Chapman has been a blessing in disguise. My freshman year was rough for many reasons. I couldn’t quiet get integrated into the California lifestyle. It was my dream school but there was something missing from my experience. I do admit though I wasn’t as open-minded as I should have been. It was something I wasn’t use to and being away from home was way harder than I thought it would be. I was so close to transferring and last-minute I decided to go back to Chapman. It was literally the best decision in my entire life. I came back with an open mind. I came back with the idea that I was going to invest my entire life in this experience and not let any thing get in the way, and see where my perspective would go from there. My perspective changed quickly and I grew to love the state that I now call home, from the beaches, to Disneyland, to Chapman itself. I have come to understand that this place is full of so many opportunities for me to grow and fulfill my dreams. It has become my dream come true and I can’t wait to see where moving into this year takes me here.

My mother/father: If anyone knows me best, knows that I put these two people in front of everything in my life. They have supported me when no one else has and I reflect both of them in way to many ways but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am so honored to be able to call these people my parents. This past year I was able to go to Germany to see my dad yet again over the summer and I have come to the realization that literally I would be a different person if I wasn’t exposed to the entire German community my entire life. The fact that my father has put the efforts out to have me come every summer and pushed to pursue a relationship has been the best thing any daughter could ask for. As for my mother, she has been literally by my side through every situation, no matter how big or small. If I am crying over a boy, crying over a grade or crying over life, she has always been there the moment it occurs, and the fact that I can tell her anything and she would be there at any given moment means wonders. She has given me so many opportunities for me to pursue my dreams, and again a daughter couldn’t ask for more. Overall, I am so lucky to call these two not only the best parents in the entire world but my best friends. I cherish our close relationship even with the distances.

Friends: I have a close knit of friends and from my friends from home to my best friends at Chapman. I literally couldn’t survive anything without them. They know exactly who they are and they need to know that I wouldn’t want to survive life with anyone else. From my random freak-outs to my extreme weirdness, they accept me in every situation and remind me that I am never alone even when I feel it the most. They make every moment with  them memorable and I am beyond blessed to grow with them.

Life has granted me so much. I may have my weak moments and s**t that still occurs but overall, I couldn’t ask for a better life. Moving onto the next decade of my life and 2015, I can’t help but wait to see what life has in store. It looks promising and even if I have an obstacle get in the way I have to remember that I can always get through it, I always have and plus I have so much to be blessed about nothing can take that away from me.

This morning I went to the beach, and took everything in as I enter my last day in my teens and move on to the new year and decade. It’s one of those moments where I can truly say I cherish the words by El Debarge’s: “I’m too grateful to be hateful. I am too blessed to be stressed.”

Much Love in 2015 and Cheers to the next decade in my life, the 20’s!


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One thought on “Moving out of the Teens and into the 20’s in 2015

  1. I LOVE IT! I am so proud of the young women you have become.

    Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter!

    I love you!



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