Failing at Something I am Good at


I am really good at public speaking. It is literally my forte and I always get excited when I get told I am doing a presentation because I love talking in front of people. And I won’t lie, I highly enjoy the limelight and speaking in front of groups of people. It gives me a high and adrenaline that I enjoy.

However, today was an unlikely event. I had a class presentation and I totally didn’t do as well as I normally would/do.

I got the shakes in the middle and I totally sped up my speech a minute faster than I had practice.

I never get the shakes to begin with and I know I naturally talk fast but I am pretty good about catching it, and this time I didn’t.

And I couldn’t tell you why.

It’s very upsetting to me to see myself not perform well in something that I usually always perform well in. It’s what I say is what I am good at on a resume and one of the best qualities I posses.

It may have to do with the fact that the professor literally scares me, or it has to do with the fact that I felt that I was underprepared (which I really don’t think I was at all but I recently have had the feeling I am always unprepared for life)

Everyone fails. It’s a fact of life. It’s the cold hard truth. You fail to succeed. And I will be one of the first to admit it. I HATE that about life. I hate failing at what I know and do best. I hate that it has to be that way.

I guess this is the first time I have ever done poorly on something I normally do so well on. It’s a weird feeling. I just can’t seem to grasp the idea. I feel stuck and I know I shouldn’t. It was just a speech!

I guess this is a life lesson in a rough. I have to remember that failing is a part of life and even in things you excel in your fail.

I mean take a look at like famous athletes or famous CEO’s for example. They have all failed in one aspect or another in what they are good at/their field.

Granted, I understand one speech in my college career is not as detrimental in my life as CEO’s decision on whether to take an investment and then end up going bankrupt but it sets up the mindset I need to create to be able to prepare for that moment in time where it is more of a life decision that could be affected to due failing in something I am good at.

I need to remember like all the famous people who have failed before to get back up, brush off the dust and keep moving forward.

It’s an important life lesson to take and to adept for later in life where it becomes a bigger deal than a simple speech in a college course.

But I start by doing it with this speech. I learn that I let a professor get to me and my talents and that next time I need to let that all go but to remember to have a next time and to do it again and not get scared from failing.

It’s the little things in life and little blips that scare me for my future but remind me that if I can take on these little challenges now it is only preparing for the bigger ones in the future.

Much Love,



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