Irritability and Me Time


Man, let me tell you this week I have just been irritable for no apparent reason. It’s been just one of those weeks where each day I feel I am so happy it’s finally over and I can’t wait for this week to be over because I firmly believe that next week it will all change.

I mean it may or may not. That’s something I just expect will happen.

It seems every little thing people have done have pissed me off in some way and I feel horrible for the people around me.

This normally never happens to me. I mean, life literally has given me no reason to be pissed off at the world at this moment in time.

School is fine, work is fine, my social life is fine.

Granted, I am also on that wonderful time of month where mother nature gives me a little gift but I swear when it’s usually that time it never happens.

I have had to take a step back and literally take time for myself and take literally time outs for me just because I felt I was literally acting to much like a little kid.

We all have those weeks where we are just off and just not feeling up to anything that the world has to offer.

But remember it will all be okay (I know cliche) and it’s okay to embrace those off moods, and to apologize to people in advance because you know you may snap. It’s okay to step away from the social scene and take time for yourself to get yourself straight and to do self-care. I found that that helped me get out of my funk a little bit. It helped me connect and check back in with myself.

Here and there it’s important do that self care. It’s important to do it every day, because without it it seems that we just are running on a track and not stepping to check in on how your body is doing and keeping up.

It’s ultimately what occurred to me, and why I feel the irritability started in the first place. I wasn’t in check with myself

I mean we all have shitty days and weeks where we are just done with life, and even if life hasn’t given you any reason to feel that way, sometimes your body just reacts certain ways, and that’s what happened to me.

I was doing so much for other people that I neglected to do things for me and that caught up to me in an unusual way.

Just remember to push yourself and remind yourself to have some me time. Now don’t stretch that “me time” to the point where you end up isolating yourself and kicking everyone out of your life. That’s not what I want you to do, and I am pretty sure you don’t want that either.

Just remember, we all have those week and days and it’s okay. Embrace stand then move forward.

Much Love,


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