Friendships Come and Go for a Reason

(I know this is a day late buttttttttt I had midterms all Wednesday so bear with me!)


It’s often intriguing to me to see how friendships come about and how friendships disappear. One moment you could be super good friends with someone and the next act like you guys have never met each other before in your life. It’s a concept where most people have adopted the idea that people walk into your life for a reason and walk out for a reason, but each person brings a certain aspect to your life and helps discover a little more of yourself.

As I have gone back to college for my second year, I have significantly seen this occur with my friends. I have noticed certain things that I seemed to have been blind to last year and I just don’t necessarily want to associate myself with. BUT at the same time I have met new people who  I just want to get to know so much better and surround myself with their energy.

It’s a hard concept to accept and hard to get use to, especially when you are like me and hate change and want to fix every relationship you encounter.

It’s not easy because I see people differently now and want to keep the friendship yet I find it so hard because I realize we value different things and don’t necessarily connect on that level anymore than we use to.

And that is okay. I have to come and accept that. Not all relationships are meant to last, and even if that friendship was for a year, two or even three, it doesn’t matter because people change all the time, YOU change all the time and the new you or them may not correlate to you now.

Now some friends remain, and seem to remain and will remain for the end of time and that’s rare and should be held as something truly special but don’t get offended if things change. There are over 8 billion people in this world. 8 BILLION. There is bound to be people out there the universe has set up just for your convenience.

I will never forget the time I first spotted someone who will soon become very special in my life. It was like an instant connection was made and it felt as if I was missing them my entire life. They walked in at a perfect time in my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

At the same time though, I am noticing people walk out who I thought would stay for a while. I have noticed the difference our lives have held and that we just both aren’t meant to be friends. Which is hard to come to terms to and hard to separate but has felt like the right gut decision for sometime.

It’s exactly that. Friendships come and go for a reason. You make way for new deep connections and just take from the old one what the old one brought you.

There is no need to remain bitter, there is no need to remain upset. It’s normal for change to occur and it’s normal to have it not be easily accept it. BUT trust me, it’s worth it when someone new and amazing walks into your life and your realize that friendship was worth waiting for.

Much Love,

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