There is Nothing Stronger Than A Mother’s Bond


Have you wondered where you would be in life without certain peoples presence in your life? Have you wondered what you would do without them?

There is something about the bond between mother and daughter that’s really special; but, when you are as lucky as me to have a mother that is not only a mom but a best friend, you can’t help but wonder what life would be a nightmare.

Which I will tell you right now, would be a NIGHTMARE.

Without her, I would be nothing and my stable foundation would be nonexistent. I can honestly say, I have no idea in my mind where and what I would be doing or even if I would honestly be sane.

Let me tell you a little backstory on my mamma and I, it’s been just her and I since I was little. My parents divorced when I was a youngin and my father is still in the picture but he lives all the way across the globe (in Germany). And so with that, it’s been just her and I for as long as I can remember and I can honestly say she has always, ALWAYS, put me first in her life regardless of whatever situation and through that we have gained and developed a relationship that is more than just a parental relationship, like I have said it has grown into a friendship.

I have had a lot of friend issues growing up and trust issues, and I couldn’t trust talking to anyone but my mamma. She was alway open and always held zero judgements regardless of the issue. She knows everything about my life and still does.

And even when I was going through a stage in my life, where I surrounded myself with people who forced my mother out of my picture due to the activities I participated and the person I became by surrounding my self with them. She stood by my side even if I wasn’t being the most pleasing daughter one could be and when I came out of that funk she was still their and didn’t become bitter with my behavior. She didn’t held a grudge, which would be hard for what I put through her.

She is literally an angel. She is a saint, and no one could ever replace her spot in my heart. The fact that she has been able to stay by my side through every single situation and has been the first one to respond to any issue I have ever had. I know she will drop everything if I ever needed her to.

A reason I decided to focus this post and dedicated to her was because she just recently left for visiting me. I always sometimes forget how lucky I am. The moment she left, I felt a emptiness form in my heart and I realized how lucky and privileged I am to have someone like her and I realize if anyone is as lucky as I am to posses a relationship like this, hold on to it and don’t let it go. Don’t let anyone come in-between and stick to what you know.

I will sign off today saying,

Thank you mamma for everything, I love you so much than words can describe and you truly are my rock.

Much Love,



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