Impressions are always on everyone’s mind.

Or well I should say most people; however, I can pretty much guarantee when one is walking into a new place where one knows they will be introducing themselves for the first time, that their first impressions will guarantee be on their mind.

I can tell you impressions are on my mind on the daily, even when I am walking into a familiar setting that I walk into on the daily,  such as when walking into work. Granted, every day I deal with customers who I feel need to get a good impression of me due to I am a product of the image for the company I work for. I truly believe great customer service is a reflection on the company and therefor everyday I step into work I have my image on my mind and the impression I am giving across.

At the same time, you never know how/when an image will be the most important thing. You always hear; “you never know who you will run into or who you might meet.” It its true, it may be a future boss, coworker, best friend…literally anybody.

But at the same time you never want to overdo yourself or be fake. You want to be yourself in every situation present and not take impressions as way to not be who you are. You just always want to put your best foot forward of YOURSELF and no one else.

I am not always saying dress to impress and for girls literally put pounds of makeup on their face to get a certain image across,  I am saying impression beyond the eye. Like the quote stated above, “be impressive but not necessarily to the eye”… you want people to remember for you and your happiness and your contagious personality rather than your looks.

Or at least I would want to be remember for that rather than my looks but I am not saying looking like you walked out of the trashcan is the best thing to do to get that best impression across. They both go hand in hand.

What I am trying to get across through this is that impressions are important, even if people say they aren’t, they are. I wouldn’t have half of the opportunities I have received if I never put my best foot forward of MYSELF. That’s the key, myself.

I want everyone to be themselves but the best of yourself. Don’t cut yourself short, and support the person who you really are and make sure that’s the impression you leave.

There was a pintrest quote I am going to leave with:

“Make a bold mark, not a dull impression”

Much Love,



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