Single is Okay just be Open-Minded

I am sincerely apologizing right now, but I will be limiting my post to once a week (only Wednesdays) due to my schedule becoming super busy but I promise I will not stop blogging. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that but I have so much on my plate, I will post at least once a week and sometimes two if I find the time!

Focusing on me and other aspects in my life

Focusing on me and other aspects in my life

Today is about realizing that it is okay to stay single and not date at the moment but to not limit oneself to opportunities if they present themselves, particularly a new relationship after a nasty break up.

The other day I was talking to someone and they asked why I wasn’t dating or looking around. It stumped me for a little. I guess I never really thought why. I just have been living my life and never really second guessed it. It has been a good almost three months since my break-up has been 100% official (meaning no on and off again shenanigans), but as I was sitting there thinking, it came to me. It was because my last relationship was just so strenuous  and involved so much energy, I just don’t have that energy to exert into another relationship and I am not the one to just casually have hook-ups. I am definitely old fashion in that sense.

The moment I spoke those words the person I was talking to literally said “you are preaching to the choir”. I was thrown off guard due to the fact that I guess I never really expected other people to be in the same boat as me. As I was speaking I realized it was completely and utterly okay not to want to be in a relationship right now just simply for that fact that I was not only experiencing those feelings.

Breakup’s are an exhausting thing and are never easy. Especially if they are messy and nasty, that is when it feels nicer to be free from it all once it’s done and to be able to live life without all the drama that revolved around the breakup and/or relationship.

It’s how my life was, and I realized I wanted to focus on my life between my studies, my work and my relationship with my friends. I stopped worrying about love for now. As long as I surround myself with others that love me I will totally be okay right now, plus with my crazy schedule I can barley fit in my friends, I have no clue how I would fit in a significant other.

But I am not saying I am limiting myself to not finding a relationship. I am just not looking for it. There is a difference. If the opportunity would arise I wouldn’t deny it due to the fact that I know that it was meant to be. I just am not searching for it.  I am just focusing on other aspects in my life and hoping that by doing that one day that love will find its path back into my life at some point, which I trust it will.

It’s what ties in what I said before. If you are not ready to look or want to look for a relationship it is totally okay. It only matters if you are happy where you are at in life and happy with everything else in your life. I firmly believe that it will come when the time is right and right now is not the right time. Keep an open mind with everything and don’t limit yourself but focus on things that are important to you in your life.

It’s what I am living by right now.

Much Love,


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