Conversation: Respect is Key

I want to apologize for not posting saturday, I just recently had recruitment for my sorority and it literally took up my entire weekend. As anyone a part of a sorority knows, recruitment is essential to the chapter’s future and takes so much time when it does occur.

Which brings us to the topic of conversation. A way you recruit new members is by having vital and good conversations.

Conversations are crucial to building relationships, but it has to be good and genuine. I learned that this weekend. It’s not only vital to know how to keep a conversation but its vital to understand respect and knowing how to respect others during a conversation. That’s when being genuine comes in to play.

Recruitment brings out a certain aspect in people, some can call it fake, some call it genuine, some call it a front. Whatever it is though one needs to be respected and show respect to others when forced to converse with them, even if you don’t want to. This comes up a lot in recruitment and happens based on the fact that there are so many sororities and a lot of people are set on a certain idea and therefor completely disrespect and regard other chapters because the feel they can.

News flash, no one is better than anybody else. YOU aren’t better than anybody else. They may be different than you but it gives someone no right to be rude and not converse. Its a pet peeve of mine because even if you don’t want to be there, it doesn’t matter to me, show respect to the person you are talking to. Not showing that respect literally puts one of the most negative attributes on you and makes you look bad. It also is a reflection of your personality, and do you really wan that image projected on you?

At least to me, I find it extremely disrespectful and I bet a lot of people do too.

It’s something I learned occurs a lot, especially during a weekend like recruitment, but it doesn’t just happen then. It happens EVERYWHERE.

Image is image, and I know a lot of people value their image but value their image in a wrong way. One should want to project that they are nice and genuine to everybody rather than project the image that they feel they are better than everyone else because they can only associate themselves with a certain group or type of people.

I’m not bashing recruitment, recruitment just brought to my attention how often things like this really do occur. It happens all the time everywhere we go, at work, at school, literally everywhere.

I just wish people would stop putting image as high important and  start putting respect up front. It’s something where image shouldn’t even matter but it does.

I just want you to think how you treat others and think about what is important to you and why.

Much Love,




2 thoughts on “Conversation: Respect is Key

  1. My little sister just went through recruitment at her school for the first time, and my last recruitment as an active sister at my college was back in 2012. I told my sister that when it’s time for her to make the final decision on what sorority she’d like to be apart of, that she doesn’t need to make her decision based on reputation, appearance, colors, mascot, or whatever superficial thing there is, but by the heart of the girls she meets. Even if she knew on day one which sorority she wanted to be a part of, I told her to keep an open mind and be kind to each of the girls she comes into contact with, because you never know when she’d have those girls in a class with her, or heck, she didn’t even really know if her top choice would pick her. I know this was such a random comment, but I just really wanted to say I certainly understand where you are coming from.


  2. No it makes perfect sense! I totally agree! It’s hard when people don’t look at recruitment that way. They need to keep an open mind and set aside reputations and everything and just find where they perfectly fit in!


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