Stereotypes: Living Past Them


Typical Stereotypes of the States

Stereotypes are followed behind every thing we do. From where we come from, to what we look like, to what our hobbies are and everything in between.

One realizes that they have been stuck into a certain stereotype when they first enter a situation where no one really knows who they are. I have experienced it many times before, from starting college to starting new job. It literally follows you everywhere no matter where you go and what new beginning you start.

Yet why sometimes are we ashamed to say certain things about us that we know hold a certain stereotype. Why am I ashamed when people ask me where I am from to say the town I am actually from rather than the next main city?

It’s because I don’t want people to judge me based off of that.

But honestly who cares.

Stereotypes aren’t always true and though there is some truth about them, it doesn’t mean you fit that exactly or even if you do, one should embrace it regardless of what others think because people will always have opinions no matter what you say and what you like. Someone somewhere will dislike what you do. It’s just the truth and matter of fact.

Which is why I said above, ultimately who cares?

We as a society need to change-up our ideas on how we view other things and accept others have other opinions and other ways they go about their lives, and even if they are from the snooty area of Portland, who cares? That doesn’t mean that it defines them.

It’s important to remember the common saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. We need to adapt this saying to humans as well, outer beauty or outer surroundings don’t define a person, a judgement should be based of the character of a person and not anything else.

Even if their stereotype holds true to them, it gives you and no one else a right to judge them based off of that. Get to know who they really are, their personality and then base your opinion of them off of that.

Shoot, if I was based on every stereotype, I would be considered a rich, snobby, sorority girl who lives only off of her parents and doesn’t grasp the idea of money.

Those stereotypes are only purely based off of where I live, what my hobbies are and where I go to school. Now, that by zero means describes who I am and by no means is true. Yes, I am a sorority girl who goes to a private school but that doesn’t mean I am overloaded with money, snobby and live off of my parents.

I have my own job and I earned my way into this private school. I did this by myself and not by the help of my parents. I am independent and on my own.

Now, if your opinion is negative of a person after investigating the inner beauty of someone, then keep it to yourself and just take your actions you need to step away.

We often judge people based off of the way they look, where they come from, what they posses and what they are doing but give each person a change and look passed all the stereotypes presented out there in the world.

In addition, embrace yourself and who you are and don’t be ashamed to say the full an honest truth about yourself when someone asks, even if a pre conceived stereotype is present and maybe is or isn’t true in your situation.

Embrace who you are and everyone around you.

Much Love,



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