**I just want to say, I am sorry I didn’t post this past wednesday. I was moving into my new house and my internet fell out, and therefor didn’t have anyway to post the post I wrote but I am back on schedule! So sorry once again!


Seeing other people do what they love is truly something special. Their face radiates this glow that’s indescribable. They posses this certain smile on their face when asked upon their passion. You can tell just their pure love for their passion by the way they talk about it and their facial expressions.

A passion can derive from anything.

I recently experienced it with my dad, who has a new found passion for woodwork. Just by simply asking him how everything works gave him this adrenaline high, which is when I realized I wanted to experience his passion with him and do a project with him. As I did this project with him, you could simply just tell it was the best thing for him that his daughter wanted to experience this passion with him.

When you see that someone is passionate about something ask them about it and join in on it for a little. It’s truly amazing to see how they light up and trust me, they will feel extremely blessed that you wanted to share what they love. It will demonstrate a gesture of kindness and caring. It doesn’t mean you have to love it just as much as they do, but just simply enjoy watching the reaction of the person who does. That is what will make it worth it. It’s what it was with my dad.

I have come to realize that passions are something truly spectacular. They are what keep people going and what brings happiness to their lives. I see it blatantly with my dad, and also with me.

For me my passion is working retail at Nike. I love working retail and every time I step into the doors of the store I just am on cloud 9. My energy is incredible and after every shift I feel happy as a clam. Granted, I am extremely lucky that I love my job and the company I work for, and it helps that I have a love for the company as well that makes me working for the company feel extremely fortunate. It’s become an escape for me when I am in school, to give myself a break and relax, and to remind myself the happiness I can posses.

I believe, passions are what holds us together as humans. If we didn’t have something to do that we love in our life, we would hate the world we live in and wouldn’t enjoy the world around us. Yes, life is full of hardships but it’s how you get through them that count, and investing in your passion is one of those ways. Passions are a way to escape, yet also to remind yourself that you can be happy and relaxed.

So go find what your passionate a bout and share it with the world.

Much Love,



One thought on “Passions

  1. Alfred,la Garzanti me lo dà come femminile e maschile. Le delizie de&la#39;itlliano :-)Ouch! Per scrupolo ho controllato su tre diversi dizionari (Devoto-Oli, Gabrielli, Sabatini Coletti) e il Garzanti m'ha fregato.Come non detto. 😉


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