Changes: Coming to Accept Them

It’s weird the way life works. It changes constantly and we are adapted to accept these changes. Regardless of what happens.

I don’t like change, and if your like me you understand how hard it is when you are forced to go through a major life change. Even if it is a change you want to occur it’s still difficult to follow through. See the thing is, change is a hard thing to accept if you like to live in a constant routine. It’s what’s comfortable and what you know. It’s easy after a while because it becomes so familiar, and even if it is a routine that you don’t really enjoy, change is still a scary thought to accept.

Familiarity is what makes new adjustments the hardest I belive. When change occurs it’s mostly dramatic which forces one to step out of their comfort zone, and while one may be ready for it, the fact that ones routine is changing is still a haunting idea. It reminds me for when I first left for college about a year ago. Leaving for college is a huge change for both the parents and the child, the child becomes truly 100% independent for the first time and the parents mostly experience empty nest syndrome. Although leaving for college is an exciting change, it’s still scary for most families and is hard just because of how major of a life event it is.

Most changes are new doors that have been open and you have to close the other one to fully experience the new one. You have to learn to adapt. Even though I have already had one year of college under my belt, I am still scared of going back for I have become accustomed to my normal routine back home, and even going back everything has changed due to now we don’t all live in the same dorms anymore and everyone’s schedule is completely different.

There’s a quote that sticks out to me that I recently saw browsing thorough pinterest and it said:  70502da7ecfb161bf5ee8a42face4478

Butterflies in my stomach are something I enjoy. It’s so many emotions mixed into one feeling, and this quote couldn’t be more spot on. Without change, we would never be able to experience those feelings because the only ever time we experience those feelings is when we are stepping out of our comfort zone, making a change. Doing something completely out of our normal routine. Doing something different.

It’s weird the way life works. It’s filled with changes. Change is happening all around us and it’s an odd idea being scared of the idea or just simply not liking it. I need to learn to embrace it. We all need to learn to embrace it. It’s what makes life go round, and what keeps it interesting and active. If you truly think about it, if our lives were just a pile of the same routine for the entire span of our lifetime, can you image the boredom that would occur? There would be no more butterflies, there would be no adrenaline. Change wouldn’t exist and it would just be boring.

So take this action, and embrace and accept change. Look at the positivity and become excited to embrace those butterflies and the new chapter ahead of you.

That’s what I am going to do, and with that I’m off to round two down at Chapman!

Much Love,


2 thoughts on “Changes: Coming to Accept Them

  1. Don’t let fear get the best of you, when you step out of your comfort zone and you get those butterflies in your stomach it only means your on the right track, it’s your internal confirmation.

    How do you become a butterfly?
    first you have to really want to fly,
    learn to let go of being a caterpillar!


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