Setting Aside those Family Differences


Today’s is about moving forward. For the past month I have had the great privilege to travel across seas to Germany to visit my father, who has lived here my entire life. My parents got a divorce when I was super young and made an agreement that every summer I would visit my dad in Germany and every school year I would spend it in America with my mom.

It has worked out really well, and I am honored and blessed to say that I have experienced so much in my life already and I am not even 20 years old yet. I have traveled around Europe and have learned a totally different culture.

However, throughout the years there has always been a noticeable difference between my father and I, and there has always been tension of some sort regarding multiple topics.

We are both very head strong people with strong opinions that clash. I’m not going to lie, over the years it has made it difficult to communicate over certain issues.

As a child, and still as a late teen, I have a hard time dealing with my fathers girlfriend (mostly due to jealous), and have had issues with opinions on health, money, and lifestyle.

Now earlier when I was little I had a super hard time, with especially his girlfriend, but as I have grown older I have learned to accept and realize how cool of a women she actually is…doesn’t mean though that she still sometimes gets on my nerves between her and my dad.

As we get older, the more we become aware of other humans, of their habits and of their behaviors. We tend to automatically shut or bash on qualities and opinions that are completely different from our own.

But what we don’t realize is, you don’t realize, what you have until its gone and with family I feel that happens especially often. Or so I hear. There is a difference between a member, you cut them out and sooner or later they’re gone and you feel guilty.

My last days here I can count on one hand. As my time here is coming to an end, I have realized that I will be gone. This all will be gone. I won’t be seeing my dad in god knows how long and I question why I am being so hard-headed and stubborn. I know I’ll regret it once its gone from me. I just know I will because it has happened before.

That’s when I decided I’ll take the higher road. Although I hate doing that sometimes, it makes me feel as if I am loosing and not sticking up for myself but I do it because I know I love my dad and he loves me and even if we have our issues I can learn to set them aside because I want him in my life and he has given me a lot regardless. To me it’s worth it. To me I just have to focus on the positives and move on.

Even though the distance, we have a strong bond that’s quiet shocking despite the distance. He has taught me that love knows no distance. He has taught me that each culture has its positives and negatives and you always add the positives. He has taught me that every good thing comes in threes. He has taught me that there is nothing in the world that doesn’t exists.

Those are the things I have to look towards and understand that sometimes in life you will run into people who you extremely, sometimes, disagree with, on their opinions but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go or leave, especially if there are family. You only have one. That’s all.

You are only given one.

There are issues in every family. Everyone has them, and we all know it. It’s how you accept them and move forward that counts. It’s how you decided if they are worth it to be in your life. Sometimes I can understand how that is completely impossible but in most situations the family feuds are over petty issues and those can be looked over and moved past. But you have to decide if it’s worth it.

For me it is, because I am lucky to have a father that wants to be in my life. In spite of everything.

Ultimately, it’s true what you always hear. No matter what your family will always be there for you. They will always love you. No matter what because there is a certain connection family brings. It’s like the photo pictured above. It’s because families all stem from the same roots, and you have to decide if they are worth fighting for.

Much Love,


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