Don’t go for a heart that is already taken: Rebounds


*else’s (this isn’t my photo but I still felt the message fit with my post today)

Falling in love is a wonderful yet treacherous thing.

It comes with ups and downs, but ultimately is so magical. The bound you share with that other person is indescribable.

Which brings me to writing about involving yourself with someone who is in love with someone else, whose heart is currently occupied by someone else.

I am going to say something now that may come to you as a shock, but they will always return to the one they ultimately love, IF they aren’t fully over them/healed yet (meaning that they either have talked about them constantly, texted them, or even still currently in a relationship with them).

Actions speak louder than words and many times before you run into these sweet talkers who will tell you they will leave their partner or that soon they will fall out of love with the one they just left a relationship with, and say they will be all yours. They’ll say they will work on it and to give it time, but you never see the actions or the process. All you see is in a few short months them running back to their ex because they haven’t fully healed. This is called being the rebound.

I have been on most sides, if not all, of this scenario before and each time the results have always been the same. Regardless.

Ultimately, they may say like they care but in the end what they care for is the lust that you bring. It’s the harsh reality. It’s not worth losing your self over. It really isn’t, and it has nothing to do with you. It has to do with them being lost in the current state they are in (with not being happy or satisfied with their life, and their need for some attention) and like I have said before, not being probably healed. Most of the time if you do enter such a relationship, you will be considered a mistake in their book and that is really all.

No one wants to be a mistake.

I mean, they probably do care for you, like they say, but if it came down to choosing one, I firmly believe 97% would choose their current partner/ the one they are still in love with (i.e. their ex).

Love is not something to be played with and isn’t something to be taken lightly. There are enormous feelings evolved, and I would suggest walking away if you put yourself in a sticky situation like that. Save your heart and save the wounds that will follow.

You don’t want to be the rebound. You don’t want to be that person that tries and stays just because you believe they will change so quickly and love you just as much as they love their ex.

Break ups take time, and so do hearts to heal. It’s a wound, and love is proven to be an addiction, in which after a breakup it is completely natural to go through withdrawals.

Be smart before you enter into something. Know if the person has been single for some time and has clearly shown that they are over their past. They are never going to be able to fully love you unless they heal.

And for people thinking about or currently in a rebound relationship after a fresh breakup, think about the other person you are effecting and think of their feelings. You know you can’t fully love them yet if you haven’t fully healed from your past relationship.

“Love when your ready, not when your lonely.”

It’s not easy but it can be done, heal the right way and save the pain from yourself (from making the rebound mistake) and others (the other person involved). It will also benefit you in the long run, I promise.

Love is both a magical wand yet also a weapon in disguise.

Much Love,



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